Thursday, December 29, 2005


In our last post we indicated that was looking into adding a members training area on our site. It's official we will be adding this feature within 3-4 weeks time. Due to our current hosting provider not being able to support the members only program we will be switching to a different hosting provider that can handle this program. TACT Self Defense's site will be offline for 5-7 days & we are sorry for any inconvience to it's members. We will inform our readers of the official date when the site will be offline.

Monday, December 26, 2005


TACT Self Defense is looking into tapping into the online training market for the New Year. We are currently looking at ways to open up a members only training area on the website so members can train on their own time frame 24 / 7. We are working with our web designer & Yahoo server provider which we are having problems with setting up some of the programs but hope to fix these issues soon in the near future so we can get started with this area of the website.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Since this is our last post before Christmas TACT Self Defense would like to wish all its members, readers & affiliates a safe & happy holiday. Thank you for all your support & making 2005 a successful year for TACT Self Defense. We look forward to giving you more vital information on self defense in 2006 & keep an eye out for all the upcoming changes at Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

After the big day comes & Chritmas is gone for another year remember to discard gift boxes properly in the trash. Don't advertise expensive gifts that you received for Christmas by leaving boxes whole outside in the trash. Displaying boxes for surround sound systems, microwaves of other expensive items let criminals know which home has the best items to steal. Always cut up boxes & place them in garbage bags so they do not advertise what you received. Have a Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


During the holiday season many people tend to let there guard down assuming everyone is in the spirit of giving & helping. Most people are in this frame of mind during this season but the unfortunate part is that criminals know this & will take advantage of this. Here is a tip when you are out at the shopping mall or mall parking lot. A trick for thieves is to offer help to someone pushing a shopping cart who has there purse in it. The criminal will begin pushing the cart ahead of you snatching the purse & running off with it. Avoid having your purse in the cart, this goes for while you are inside shopping as well. Always have your purse strap across your chest area so it can not be easily grabbed. Have the flap facing inwards towards your body so pickpockets can not slip there hand inside.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Once again the holiday season is among us. We will focus our posts on safety tips for the Christmas season. When traveling to friends & families homes do not leave gifts visible in your car as you visit loved ones. Either take all the gifts inside with you or place them in the trunk of the car so they are not visible & you are not targeting your car to be broken into. Remember criminals don't take the Christmas season off.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


The a common way of having your space violated is some one grabbing your wrist pulling you closer to them. Here is an easy tip using the law of physics to release a wrist grab. Grab the hand of the wrist that is been grabbed with your free hand & pull towards yourself from the weakest point which is the attackers thumb & fingers.
Another technique is the circular motion release which as the same principles as the above but use a circular motion when you are pulling away at the weakest point.

Monday, December 05, 2005


The other day while channel surfing Oprah's show caught my attention. It was about a bizarre crime in your everyday neighbourhood in the USA. A wealthy older man who had dug a underground room underneath is basement would abduct females, chain there leg to a pole & rape them. Some of his victims were kept prisoner for 2 months & up to 2 years. He would release them out of the blue for no reason stating if they told anyone he knew were they lived & would kill a loved one. Thats not the odd part of the story that got my attention it was the fact of how he got his victims. He would offer his victims a ride home then take them to his cellar instead. Not to be cold hearted but this crime could of easily been avoided through simple common sense self defense prevention tactics. Most crimes could be avoided by knowing good verbal & awareness skills. Your best defense is common sense. For more information on self defense prevention tactics go to to order How To Get Out Alive filled with valuable self defense tips, tricks & tactics to keep you & your loved ones safe or to receive our free bi-weekly self defense newsletter. Also visit for free self defense tips.


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