Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tactical Combat Sandbag Training

Hi Everyone,

As you know when it comes to working out I follow the philosophy of training for “GO MUSCLES” not “show muscles.

In other words make your workouts functional for combat/self defense situations instead of looking pretty so you can pose.

So for today’s tactical training tip I would to discuss a sandbag exercise that will help you become more functional in a combat situation if you have to protect your child.

Here’s what you’ll need…
Canvas military bag along with a bag of play sand inside it. Your typical bag of play sand usually weighs 50lbs make sure the weight of the bag is 15lbs heavier than your child. This will simulate the affects adrenaline plays on your body during a threatening situation.

Next while carrying the sandbag run up a series of stairs two at a time in your home preferably the steps that lead to your safe room. Perform 5 sets of these.

Note: A safe room can be any room in your home that all members can meet at and be secure in until law enforcement arrive.

For the next exercise place the sandbag in your child’s bed then go to your bedroom and lay in your bed.

When you’re ready to perform the exercise get up out of bed and run to your child’s bedroom, lift up the sandbag out of the bed and run to your safe room making sure you have secured the door in the process. Perform 5 sets.

The final set of exercises is to carry the sandbag while defending against an attack. This will give you a good reality check of what you need to do when protecting yourself while holding your child at the same time. Perform 5 sets of these with each set lasting 20 seconds.

You can take 1-3 minute breaks in between sets.

By performing these exercises in this order fatigues and stresses your muscles just like in an adrenalized state.

It also gives you functional muscles because you are going through scenarios that mimic what you will be doing in a real life violent encounter.

Don’t forget to debrief so you can twick problem areas and cut down on your reaction time.

For more information on Tactical Muscle Training visit

There’s no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm Bettencourt

Thursday, May 22, 2014

“Shark Tooth” CIA Lock Picking Trick

Ever see the FBI and CIA guys on TV pick a lock in seconds… Think it’s bullsh*t?
Think again. It’s real… but you had to go to CIA school to learn the trick until now.

Can you guess what tool they use to pick locks so fast?

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Jason Hanson, the CIA Spy Escape expert on TV’s Shark Tank is sharing this normally
classified information for a short time, along with…

How to disable any attacker with a “special” ink pen
How to hide anything, even a gun, in plain daylight
How to gather “DIRT” on anybody
How to access the CIA black market for gear
What to do if you’re kidnapped
How to escape handcuffs
How to disappear in a crowd in seconds
What you need to know about fake IDs
CIA social engineering secrets
How to become a human lie detector
How to hot-wire a car

And MUCH more…

Go check it out NOW before he pulls the info down.
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Let me know what you learn,

Norm Bettencourt

P.S. Can you guess the 2 second move that makes you virtually IMPOSSIBLE to hit in a fist fight…
It’s stupid simple but amazingly effective, be sure to grab that part.

P.P.S. Just learning how a CIA agent thinks is worth the read. Almost everything is the opposite of
what you would think. It’s weird.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Warning: Your On Your Own When It Comes To Protecting Yourself

Most people are sheep. People who have the sheep complex have a naive notion that if there is trouble the police will be there to help...They usually get there after the fact.

In other words they are sitting ducks. They think that they can talk there way out of a violent situation. Little do they know that you cannot reason with an insane person or they have the mentality "It won't happen to me I live in an upscale quiet neighborhood."

WRONG! Think again because this is you're reality

There's No Such Thing As A Dirty Fighter Only An Educated One

Norm Bettencourt

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day & Here's A Little Self Defense Gift To All You Mom's

Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there. I am going to give you a free Mother's Day gift today. It's Chapter 4 called "What You See Is What You Get" from my book "Secrets of Women Who Survived Violence".

This info can also be applied to all you guys out there as well.

To get more info on my book go to

Enjoy the read!

Your presence say’s a lot about who you are, how you feel about yourself and if you’re a victim or not. Criminals have certain criteria when it comes to choosing who will be an easy target. If you walk around with the “victim complex” you’re going to attract trouble.

Traits associated with acting timid, afraid and nervous, lack of eye contact are good indicators for criminals that they won’t have a fight on their hands and that person is easy prey.

Victims are very seldom picked by mistake. Usually individuals who show a low sense of self-esteem and worth when they walk around with their heads lowered to the grounds are inviting trouble.

When you’re out and about you want to walk assertively and with purpose and look people in the eye briefly. You want to walk with your head held high; shoulders rolled back and have erect posture. When walking always maintain distance between yourself and the people around you.

Also avoid walking around rigid, standing your ground as you walk or stare at people with a mean look on your face .This is inviting trouble as well because you are presenting yourself as a bully.

“If You Act Like A Victim Then You Will Be Targeted As A Victim”

Victims will put themselves in risky situations that give victimizers easy access to them. To avoid this follow these simple suggestions.

Calling For Help: If you need help yell FIRE! This will attract more attention than yelling Rape! or Help! It is also advisable to post your address by your home phone in an event of an emergency if you need to call 911. When adrenaline is pumping most people will have a tough time remembering their names or addresses.

The Test/Interview: If a situation arises were someone gives you a compliment such as “Do you model?” or asks “Do you have the time?” this may be a test or interview. The best way to answer any question is to keep walking as you answer. Never stop for it may be a set up.

Populated Areas: Stay in well lit and populated areas. If you’re being followed look back at the person so they know you’re aware of them and could identify them. Also go to a public place and call the police.

Hands Free: When carrying a purse place the purse strap around one shoulder so the strap comes across your chest. Try not to walk with both hands full, if you are in a threatening situation throw a bag to your enemy’s face. Their automatic reaction is to catch it, this will give you time to follow up with a tactic or run away.

Standing Stationary: While waiting for rides try to stay indoors. If you have to wait outside have both hands out of your pockets. Have your keys in one hand ready to use as a weapon, more on this later. Have your back against a wall to give you support if you have to push someone away from you. Your back is also covered and you won’t need to worry about someone coming up from behind you.

Walking/Jogging: Talk on your cell when walking around at night or have a walking and jogging partner and avoid using headphones. If jogging alone stay in well lit areas which are populated and vary your jogging route. Wear reflective material while running against traffic so you can see what’s coming towards you.

Dating: Go on a double date with a friend this way you get to know the person you are dating in a safe environment. Also never want to leave your drink unattended even if someone see’s someone placing something inside your drink they usually will not say anything.

Just take a look at the show “What Would You Do?” and the results will shock you when this situation was done by two actors in a crowded bar. Out of the 20 times people viewed the male actor slipping something into the woman actor’s drink as she was in the rest room only one person confronted the male and mentioned it to the female when she returned.
Note: Place lotion on your skin not only does it make your skin soft and smooth but slippery as well. This makes it harder for someone to grab you.

“Those Who Fight Back Survive And Stay Alive”

Check In Times: You can also have check in times with a friend. If your date asks just tell him that you are checking in with a co- worker if an important call as come in.

Home Turf: Another suggestion is that you do the driving or have the date at your home this way you are in better control of the situation if it gets ugly. An example of this would be to place a pot of boiling water on the stove. If you need to protect yourself throw it on your date. In a later chapter I will go into weapons placement inside your home.

Attempted Abductions: If someone is trying to get you inside their car grab onto a pole or anything bolted to the ground and fight them off at all costs. Those who fight back survive and stay alive those who don’t won’t.

Even if they have a gun the likely hood of them being a marksman and shooting you is very slim. Those who are taken to a secondary location are less likely to survive due to being taken to an isolated area where no one would hear your cries for help.

If you do end up being abducted here are some things that you can do. Try to leave clues wherever you are taken such as a piece of clothing or identification. The police will have an easier time finding your location and can also use dogs to track your scent sometimes.

If you are placed in a trunk either rip the taillight wires out this will increase your odds of having police stop the car and when they do bang the trunk so they know you are inside. You can also punch or kick the taillight out and place your hand out of it and wave to attract attention to the car driving behind you. On newer models there is a safety release switch inside the trunk to open it.

If the abductors didn’t take your cell phone, call for help and leave your phone on as long as possible so authorities can track the cell signal. If you have punched the tail light out look for land marks or street signs to help police better pinpoint your location. If by some odd chance you can place a hair pin or anything of that size into the ignition when your abductor is not around the vehicle do so this will prevent the car from starting. If you are escaping from a moving vehicle face the rear of the vehicle and jump out at angle so the vehicle does not strike you.

Work: Stalking situations from patients or co worker’s and verbal abuse are just a few of the unfortunate realities of today’s workplace. Here are some simple suggestions that will make your workplace a little safer for yourself.

Never assume that a stranger in your area is a staff member or that their authorized to be there. If a person is wearing a badge try to look at the photo; if the person doesn’t fit the description call security or a supervisor. Store your identification, keys and valuables in a secured drawer when you are not using them.

Try to park in well lit areas in a parking lot. When walking to your car, have your keys ready to open your door and disarm the alarm just before you unlock your car, not from afar. You can also start a buddy system when walking to the lot at night. After entering your car lock the doors and drive off immediately.

Stalking: If stalking is a problem tell staff to never give out any information about you no matter who that person say’s he or she is. Let your boss and co-worker’s know what’s going on and file a police report. Keep logs of times, dates and witness’ when the stalker has tried to have contact with you. Have a reference photo so people know whom to look for.

Elevators: When standing in an elevator stand next to the control panel in case you need to trigger the alarm.

Bank Machines: Check your surroundings first before using the bank machine and try using them during day light hours. You also want to only use bank machines in high traffic areas that have good lighting. Have your card ready so you don’t fumble around looking for your card on the street or bank machine area.

Be alert to who is standing behind you look at them in the eye so they know you could give a description of them if you had to. You can also keep an eye on them while using the bank machine by viewing their reflection on the screen. Do not put money in your purse or wallet when walking away from the machine; do this while at the machine.

It is a good practice to have your purse placed in front of you or in your front pocket. If it’s a purse have the flap facing you and keep it snug against your body. When using a bank machine, make sure no one can see you punch in your PIN by placing your hand over the keypad.

When using a drive through bank machine always check your mirrors to see if someone is around. Robbers usually come up from the back of your car at the driver’s side.

Note: Your life is more valuable than money so if you are ever held up just give your money without a fight.

By following these simple guidelines to will present yourself as a hard target. Criminals will avoid you and move on to someone else who is easier to victimize.

There's no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm Bettencourt

Saturday, May 03, 2014

How To Make16 Different Paracord Survival Bracelets

Here is how to make 16 different paracord survival bracelets from Survival Life.


Norm Bettencourt


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