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I always tell my students that it is better to be overly prepared then to be under prepared and to make life easier for yourself when it comes to self defense to use whatever you can in your environment as a weapon and to carry a self defense product on yourself at all times. I myself carry at least 3 different weapons on me at all times.

So today's post talks about hiding weapons in your home so if an emergency situation exists you have items around you that you can easily grab and use to knock the snot out of your attacker. Now the best places to place weapons in your home is near all the entrances as well as next to your bed in case you have someone breaking into your home while your sleeping it is right there an arms reach away.

Now when placing these items in these areas always hide them so that only you and your loved ones know where they are. You do not want the criminal entering your home opening the door and finding a pipe next to the door. Sure enough he will grab it and use it on you. Now the best places to hide weapons is on top of door frames where you can easily hide a knife, pipe or screw diver. As well conceal weapons in a book shelf, under your pillow, under the bed or behind a night stand.

When it comes to concealing weapons near doors have a coat rake near the doorway with an old coat hanging on it there you can conceal anything from a pipe to pepper spray without anyone assuming that there is a weapon near by. Make sure it is easily assessable so that you can simply grab your weapon in a split seconds notice without having to dig around for it.


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