Saturday, January 24, 2015

Shots Fired What Would You Do??

Hey everyone,

Here’s a question for ya.

If you heard gun shots in your immediate surroundings what would you do to protect yourself?

Take cover by…
1) Going behind a car
2) Hide behind a tree
3) Hide behind a concrete pillar
4) Jump into a swimming pool
5) Hide behind your back pack
6) All of the above
7) None of the above

If you said #6 all of the above you are correct and would most liking survive a shooting.

Here’s how it pans out

1) The best place to get cover against a car is the engine block this is the most solid area of any vehicle and would most likely stop a bullet.

2) Trees have been known to stop bullets, just take a look at this lawyer who was having a bad day.

3) Concrete pillars are also great at stopping bullets.

4) Be like water young grass hopper

5) Your backpack what the…

Check it out here…


Norm Bettencourt


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