Sunday, August 23, 2015

Easy Tips On How To Obtain, Prepare & Cook Food During An Urban Disaster

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When it comes to surviving a natural disaster or major collapse of society food will become scarce.
The simple act of walking into a grocery store to pick up a few things will no longer be an option people will be looting these food sources and supply will be nil.

Thinking you can “dumpster dive” is also a no go because no one will be throwing out any type of food source in the garbage.

Knowing how to obtain food during an urban collapse will be a top priority.

Food sources such as squirrel, worms, insects, dog, cat, rat, segal, grasshoppers and pigeon may not sound appealing at this moment in time but when you have gone without a meal for a week and a half your lips will moisten at the thought of munching down on these critters (actually I won’t go that far).

Many countries already eat these different types of animals and insects for years on a regular basis. North Americans on the other hand are still trying to wrap their brains around eating these types of foods.

Start familiarizing yourself with what type of survival food sources you have around you. You can now order edible insects and try them out they are actually not bad at all.

Now I am not saying go out at night and kill your neighbour’s dog or cat and see how the thing tastes but you get the point. I want to plant a seed in your mind on what is available as a non-traditional food source for you.

Another thing to consider is how to catch, skin and gut these animals. Here are a few videos that are simple and helpful when it comes to this topic.

Warning these videos may be graphic to some.

Also during an urban disaster cooking food may be an issue due to not having any power source.

Biolite has come up with some great resources that are lite weight, compact and affordable.

Check it out here

Here’s a review on it…

Here’s where you can order it…

BioLite Wood Burning Campstove


Realistic Self Defense Through Research

Norm Bettencourt

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Five Ways To Sharpen A Knife Without A Knife Sharpener

Need to sharpen your blade but don't have a knife sharpener.

Here are some simple solutions.

Realistic Self Defense Through Research

Norm Bettencourt


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