Sunday, July 20, 2014

The One Critical Aspect To Weapons Disarming

What do you think is one the most critical aspects when it comes to weapons disarming?

If you said never look DIRECTLY at the weapon you are right.

You see when you are in a threatening situation and you focus directly at the weapon that is pointing at you, you will usually be overcome with fear and will freeze up.

In reality the blade of the knife may be only 3.5 inches long but during an adrenalized state it will look more like a machete.

Just take a look at police reports and I will prove this theory right.

Instead focus on the ELBOW of the hand holding the weapon.

This in turn will do a couple of things for you.

1. It will make the situation less intimidating for you because the weapon won't seem so massive in size which in turn will halp you man up and move in to disarm.

2. It will help you disarm your enemy quicker and easier because the elbow is a larger target to focus on instead of a smaller area such as a hand. Making it more accessible to control the hand holding the weapon.

This is just one aspect from a few that comes into play when disarming someone with a weapon but increases your survival rate greatly.

There's no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one

Norm Bettencourt

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Controversial Self Defense Topic

Hi everyone,

I like to discuss a topic today that some of you may find offensive and that is how to take a life using a knife or edged weapon when it comes to using justifiable deadly force.

When it comes to using a knife or edged weapon few people know how to use this weapon effectively and to its full potential.

Now once again you would only be using these knife fighting tactics because you had no other choice because you felt that if you didn't stop your attacker you would be killed.

Tip #1

Stab hard so your hand feels in insides of your enemy. Most people watch to much TV and think a light slash or stab will stop someone. The reality is it won't and your enemy will probably not feel that slash or stab until after the fact when his adrenaline is coming down.

Tip #2

Stab and twist the blade. This way when the blade enters the body and you twist the size of the hole/puncture wound doubles in size. This in turn causes maximum damage with minimal effort.

Tip #3

Hit an artery that way you will stop your enemy quickly and effectively. Make sure to squint your eyes and close your mouth when you do this. That way your enemies blood won't blind you and you won't be gagging on his/her blood.

Striking vital areas is essential to stopping an enemy quickly. There have been countless people stabbed multiple times yet continued to fight on because the location of the injury was in a non vital area this in turn leaves you more vulnerable to suffering an injury because your enemy has more fight in him.
Remember the 10 second dead man rule. Even if you drop a guy and he is bleeding to death he/she still has ten seconds of life in them to finish you off.


Very few people actually practice deploying there knife, if you can’t get to your weapon then your weapon is useless. Practice deploying your knife or any other weapon while under the stress of adrenaline.

Have a training partner attack you at random angles and given situations while you try deploying your training knife which should simulate your actual knife that you carry on you every day.

Train also in worse case scenarios such as dropping your knife and trying to retain then using it while fighting off your training partner.

That way when crap hits the fan you have the skills to protect yourself regardless of what happens in that given situation, you will be able to handle it because you have prepared for it.

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There's no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm Bettencourt


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