Monday, October 31, 2005

TACT Self Defense are at the final stages before beginning filming the ANATOMY OF SELF DEFENSE DVD. TACT's founder & creator stated "we are trying to keep the best interest of the viewer in mind, testing different scene shoots to see the most effect & easiest way to teach viewers, we believe we are there" Filming will begin November 5th, 2005.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dealing With Stalkers

Stalkers are a common problem for men just as much as for women usually stalkers are ex lovers or patients. The first thing to do if you are been stalked is to file a police report. Keep a journal of all the times stalker has tried to have contact with you and have a photo of him/her if you can so you can show police and co-workers who to look out for. Tell your supervisor and people you work with what is going on and remind them to never give out any information about you no matter whom the person states they are. If you do find your home was entered into, do not go inside. If you have entered do not touch anything, so you do not tamper with any fingerprints left by your stalker. Call 911 immediately. If stalker continues calling change your number. Make sure your doors and windows are locked and always have a cell phone on you in case of an emergency. If you live alone have a system were you call a friend every so many hours to check in and let them know you are all right, and if you don't call to have an emergency plan.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

By training smarter & not harder you will increase your chances of survival because you know how to use violence to your advantage. You take with you in combat all the good and bad habits that you learned in your training routine. If your tactics in your training consist of high fancy kicks or wide movements, which require you to have a lot of room you will instinctively do the same when your adrenaline kicks in, in a violent confrontation. This will seriously hinder you if you are fighting for survival in a confined area with furniture such as a living room or bedroom.
Condition stimulus training is about making your training as realistic as possible so when your instincts take over in adrenaline stressed situations you are ready to know how to use your environment to your advantage and not be hindered by it. Many people become overwhelmed when their environment changes from a dojo setting to a small confined area. Being in a room filled with furniture gives the feeling of being restricted. Make sure your techniques will work for you in tight spaces. The benefit of condition stimulis training is you give yourself more options, weapons and exits when it comes to using violence effectively.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Dear Friends:

Keeping in check with your shadow tells you a lot about your immediate surroundings and if anyone is around to harm you. Here are some tips to make your walk at night safer.

1) Look at your shadow it will indicate if some one is coming up towards you from behind

2) If you do notice someone coming towards you have an object such as keys or pepper spray in hand ready if needed.

3) All self-defense products/weapon's should be in a pocket were you can grab it in a heartbeat

4) Walk in well lit areas so you can see your shadow.

5) Always walk in the center of the sidewalk or street to give you time to respond if some one jumps out of no where.

Stay Safe

Friday, October 14, 2005

ANTI ABDUCTION TIP: If you are ever abducted & placed inside a truck of a car here is a tip. Push out the tail light & place your hand out of it & begin waving this will get people's attention to call the police. Another tip is to try to leave pieces of identification or a small piece of clothing that you have torn off & leave it as a clue. This will give police & there dogs an idea of were you have been taken or going to & a scent to follow.
By Norm Bettencourt

How you train is how you will respond and react in the real deal. Self-defense is about survival and nothing else. It is not about fighting fair, clean or being honorable. It’s about doing what you have to do to go home and see your loved ones once again. You don’t know how a thug is going to react when you connect your first blow to him so make sure you mean it when you attack. He could back off (flight) or become enraged (fight), plane and simple combat is about doing whatever needs to be done so you get out alive. Lie, con, manipulate so you can catch him off guard and administer a tactic. Release the idea from your mind the image of a "DIRTY FIGHTER" there is now such thing only a fighter who survived an attack. Free your mind of that idea could mean the difference between life and death, it will subconsciously hamper your actions. You have the right to protect yourself and kill when your life is in jeopardy. When in combative mode your thoughts and actions should be as vile, vicious and violent as possible. Thoughts of legal or moral consequences of your actions should not even cross or enter your mind. If they do it will subconsciously hold you back in giving 100% in your attack and that could mean your kids or loved ones not seeing you again. The importance of training realistically or condition stimulus training could mean the difference between life and death. Training the mind to be accustomed to stimuli that is violent and vile you mean not freezing in violent situations.
Here are some tips and dirty tricks
Always attack in mid word, phase or sentence i.e." I will do anything you say, please don’t hur" ATTACK NOW. The element of surprise is on your side he is not expecting you to do anything.
Practice saying your trigger sentence, phase or word and cueing yourself to attack when you say it. Make sure your speech is smooth and that you are not telegraphing your words or actions before attacking.
If you are a woman use the power of "sweet talk" get him to believe that you will do as he says, then turn the tables when he least expects it.
When speaking use your hands to help you speak, set them up to deflect or to position them closer to the target area you want to attack.
Use your surroundings, push your attacker into an object so he trips or falls. Giving you time to run off or to follow up with a more devastating tactic to immobilize him.
Gouge, spit, throw dirt or sand in his eyes to temporarily blind him to give you those vital seconds to get away.
Make your training as real as possible have your training partner grab you, swear, yell at you and rehearse what you are going to say before you attack.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

THE SHOW MUST GO ON. As reported early TACT Self Defense founder & creator Norm Bettencourt was stricken by a mysterious illness affecting his motor skills in his legs causing to cancel the ANATOMY OF SELF DEFENSE film shoot to a later date."It is unclear on what happened until the test results come in sometime next week.I think it 's a great idea to shoot ANATOMY OF SELF DEFENSE in the condition that I am in. It will show viewer's how simple & easy it is to perform these self defense techniques regardless if you are injured or your athletic ability"stated TACT's founder. TACT Self Defense is now targeting late October to begin shooting.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

TACT Self Defense is getting a facelift! In the next few days TACT Self Defense will have a new look & feel. Instead of the red & white text TACT Self Defense has decided to change the colour to a grey. Members of TACT Self Defense who read our blog have commented of the great look & feel of the blog at an amazing rate.So we decided to go with the colour scheme of the blog on our website. Our TACT Self Defense News Feed Blog will also be RSS Feed to our site so you do not have to leave the TACT Self Defense website to stay current with our news. If member's wish they can copy & paste the feed & have TACT Self Defense News Feed straight onto there website.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

TACT Self Defense is becoming more & more of an authourity in the self defense & combat mindset coachiing world. Norm Bettencourt's articles have been published in IronLife Magazine for the last five month's with a great response from IronLife reader's. Ezine Articles has decided to take on & feature Norm Bettencourt's articles & make him an expert author in the area of self defense & combat mindset coaching. Mr Bettencourt has also decided to allow other ezines you use his articles in their publications for informational & educational purposes. All articles can be viewed at click the ARTICLE button on the menu, all articles are posted there.


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