Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Forgot to mention if anyone has friends who would be interested in the FREE Urban Survival Workshop tomorrow give them this link to the sign up page

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Subject: Free Survival Workshop!

Thanks for opening up because this is a TIME SENSITIVE EMAIL I
didn't want you to miss.

This coming Thursday (February 24th), there's going to be a LIVE
online workshop focusing on how to ESCAPE, EVADE & SURVIVE during
times of "social chaos".

We're talking riots... looting... martial law... stuff that's
happened before and is likely to happen again.

Now first of all, it's a FREE EVENT!

Nothing to buy or anything...just go and register at: <= FREE Survival Workshop!

(Hurry - only 200 online seats available!)

But besides getting some great survival tips, you're going to be
able to submit your OWN tips for a chance to win one of 2
"S.C.R.A.M Bags" (a version of a "bugout bag" that's meant for
dealing with riots, etc.)

These bags are loaded with everything from environmental
protection equipment... commo equipment... breaching tools...
even weapons!

This is a no-brainer...

* Free Live Event (or grab the recording)
* Cutting edge survival tricks
* An opportunity to offer YOUR survival advice
* And a chance to win a $545 "bugout" bag?

All you have to do is REGISTER NOW at: <= 200 Seats Available

Here's a sneak peek of some of the topics you'll be able to

* Real world tactics to survive civil unrest (such as natural
disaster conflicts, demonstrations gone bad, race riots,

* How to defeat looters and violent opportunists with nothing
to fear during times of lawlessness!

* Escaping violent mobs! When the police and military are
overrun, anarchy consumes everything in the way...and you'd
better know how to leave a danger zone fast!

* "Target hardening" secrets! During times of social chaos,
the more prepared you are, the more likely you are to be
tracked and taken advantage of! We'll talk about ways to
stay hidden...even in plain sight!

* On the run! When you're being tracked by opportunists who
want what you have, you'll need all the tactics you can
muster to lose them fast and escape to safety!

* And a lot more.........

Don't miss out on this, ok?

I know many of you probably have some killer survival tips that
you've been keeping to yourself and not only could they win you a
cool gear bag loaded with survival items...

...but YOUR tips could possibly save someone's life some day!

Think about it!

I really want to make sure you grab one of these seats so don't
waste any time.

Go NOW to: <= Free Registration Page

You'll be glad you signed up!

Norm Bettencourt

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Hi everyone,

Today’s post I would like to cover the topic of how to clear a building or how to enter a room when it comes to protecting yourself and family. Now before I begin I would like to say that this is only done as a last resort such as when a loved one is inside a room or building and you need to protect them from an intruder. If your house is empty DO NOT enter go to a neighbors call 911 and stay there.

Clearing a building or entering a room when there is the possibility of an assailant inside is a very dangerous thing to do even for people such as police officers who have trained diligently in this area.

The method that I teach is called “slicing the pie” and there is a great site that has illustrations on how to properly execute this technique. Remember only do this if a loved one is in danger and you need to get to them. Before entering any room or building call 911 tell them that you are going inside and that you are armed. When law enforcement arrive at the scene put down your weapon and listen to their instructions to a “T” they don’t know who you are and could mistake you for an intruder.

Always keep your weapon close to your body so that it cannot be taken from you regardless if your weapon is a firearm, knife or anything improvised. So here is the link for it enjoy.

P.S These principles can also be applied to your everyday life when you are walking around and using situational awareness (i.e. taking corners wide so you are not caught off guard and attacked surprisingly etc).

There’s no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm Bettencourt


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