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First of all I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season. I know most of you haven’t heard from me in a while but it’s been a little busy here at TSD. I have been busy re-shooting my DVD footage, writing articles, website changes etc.

This first post for 2011 I would like to give you some training tools that have helped me in my combat training. Some of you may already be using this equipment and some may not, what I would like is if anyone has any other suggestions or tips to pass them along to me and I will post them for everyone to see.

All of these items I have used in my training. I am NOT an affiliate or getting any commissions whatsoever for endorsing these products. Some are pricey but I have also tried to give you cheaper alternatives to the same product.

So here are a few training tools and improvised equipment that have made some difference in my combat skills.

Striking Targets/Dummies: The first is a head target glove which I got the idea from one of the combat organizations I belong to. Basically place a focus pad inside a head protector and there you have it. Here is a link for it

This next item I use religiously it’s a free standing throwing dummy that you can get in different weights/heights. Mine is 150 LBS and is 5”10 a realistic size for an attacker. Mine has taken on brutal striking abuse for years and is still is good as the day I got it. I even placed clothing on it so I could grab it as well. It is also great to perform head cranks on etc and is much more versatile then a typical punching bag. Here is the link below.

For practicing pipe, pool cue or baton strikes hang up an old tire and strike it. The tire can take a great amount of punishment as you don’t want to strike your heavy bag or throwing dummy with these objects for they will bust them open after a while. As well striking the tire will give you a realistic feel on how it feels to make impact on a human being.

Weapons Training

Knife Disarming: This next training tool is an item I have used that makes knife training very realistic. Unfortunately to be able to purchase this product you must be in law enforcement or in the military. The product is called the Shocknife here is the link for it.

If you can not purchase this product or it’s to pricey you can always use a rubber knife and place food dye, ink or lip stick on the blade and wear an old white shirt so you can see were your partner cut you. This method doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping but will do the job if you can’t get a Shocknife.

Firearms Disarming: This next idea I do not have a link for but you can basically Google an airsoft supply store in your area to find a supplier. Basically I use an automatic airsoft hand gun when practicing gun disarming tactics this way I know when I get shot. Make sure to wear the proper eye and face protective gear when training in this fashion.

Pipe/Pool Cue Disarming Simply go to any local hardware store and purchase pipe insulation. Cut it in half and you have a perfect foam pipe that you can swing full force at your training partner and not have to worry about injuring them.

Protective Body Armor: This next product I have not used personally but it is similar to my own body armor that I have. The gear I have is a great product that protects me when I do my full on scenario training called F.I.S.T (Fighter’s Instinctive Scenario Training). Here the link

For a cheaper version go to any second hand sports shop and grab some padded motor cross shorts and chest protector, baseball (back catchers) shin/knee pads, elbow pads and martial arts protective head gear. This is not as protective as the riot gear but will do the job if you train using less force.

Improvised Training/Gym Equipment: This next site is a great way to save some cash when it comes to making your own training and gym equipment. Here’s the link

If you have any suggestions that you want to share with the rest of us pass it along and I will post it next time.

Remember there’s no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm Bettencourt


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