Thursday, February 12, 2009


The other day I get a reply from some dumb ass who had just watched one of my YouTube videos regarding biting and he makes a post that even though I state that it is very difficult to get HIV/AIDS through biting that you can still get other disease such as Hep C and such if you bite.

Here's where my beef comes in I don't teach street fighting to kids who want to get into fights after school and such. I teach people who have to survive real life threatening situations such as someone getting raped or someone trying to protect there wife or child from some psycho.

So tell me would you actually be thinking I can't bite this guy cause I might get sick I will just let him rape me and take my chances and let him give me whatever disease he has when he cums inside me or better yet I won't bite his finger off cause I don't want HEP C he can kidnap my kid and I can live with that decision cause I will be disease free.

That was my bitch for the day, just can't stand people who have no experience with real violence then decide to comment on it, trying to look smart when they have no clue on what there talking about.

Sunday, February 01, 2009



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