Saturday, August 23, 2008


In this day and age of instant information we can keep on top of any topic easily and quickly. I believe that by keeping on top of new products in the self defense industry will keep you on your toes and save your ass as well. Here is an example by staying on top of new self defense products you not only know what you can purchase to protect yourself with but you can also be aware of what to look out for when it come to your staying aware of possible weapons that your attacker may have.

Nowadays most ordinary items can be innocent looking but in reality are self defense weapons. You can now purchase pepper spray rings, cell phones which are tasers, pen knifes and the list can go on and on. So stay on top of things by visiting a self defense weapons site and taking a look at what's new on the market that way you know what to look out for when dealing with an attacker so your not caught off guard.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Everyone has a fear of some sort when it comes to combat. It may be that people have a fear of being hit with a fist or with an object such as a pipe. Others may have the fear of dealing with someone with an edged weapon. Regardless of what your fear is the only way to overcome your fear is to face it head on.

So how to you go about facing these demons head on, well by having a trainer who you can trust but as well is highly trained and experienced in what he is doing. When I first started training years ago I had a habit of closing my eyes whenever I was hit in the face so to overcome this fear my trainer would use my face & body as a punching bag. This would force me to look dead on onto a punch that was connecting to my face. After awhile my fear was gone because I know I could handle getting hit in the face with a fist because I experienced it so often that it was like an every day event to me.

As well I had a fear of dealing with knifes so my trainer would first teach me knife disarming tactics using a rubber knife then after I knew the tactic well enough he would use a real knife in a controlled manner whenever practicing disarming techniques. This exercise made me comfortable when cold steel was presented in a situation because I had dealt with the issue so many times during training and was immume to the stimuli of cold steel.

Now this training is not for everyone and you have to be under the supervision of a trained professional to train in this manner. I have taught this method to my students for years now and have never cut or hurt anyone because I can do this exercise in a controlled safe manner. This exercise needs to be done with someone you can trust but as well someone who is a professional who knows what he is doing and is not just any joe blow off the street or dojo.

By training this way you will overcome your fears in rapid time not only in combat but in your everyday life as well because your confidence will increase ten fold. Remember this MUST be done with a professional trainer, most people teaching martial arts or combat do not have this type of skill level but those people that you find who do, network with them and watch your self confidence explode to unimaginable new levels.


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