Monday, June 26, 2006


Ever meet someone new and upon introducing yourself with a handshake you realize the person shaking your hand missed out on the class of proper handshake etiquette. Some guys squeeze the hand of the other person hard to "show" that they are the dominate male. Others do it because they actually do not know how powerful their grip is. Regardless of the fact it puts you in an disadvantage in case you need to protect yourself.

Here is how you can protect yourself from this type of handshake squeezer so you hand doesn't get crushed and your not at the mercy of the other person. When shaking hands with someone place you're two fingers (the ones closest to you're thumb) on the wrist area of the person you're shaking hands with. Regardless of the size of his hand or power of his grip he will be unable to get a firm grip of you're hand due to how you're hand is postioned. You're hand will never be crushed again.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Mom Knows Best

Canadian geologist working in Mexico was on a bus going to a cave one morning to begin working. A stranger sitting next to him started some small talk and offered the geologist some candy. Thinking nothing of it the geologist accepted the candy. Seventy two hours later the geologist awoke in a hospital miles from where he should be. The geologist money and identification had been stolen from him, let alone his memory of the last 72 hours. The message the geologist had upon arriving back home in Canada "Always listen to what your mom had to say, never take candy from a strangers"

Monday, June 12, 2006

A Quitter Never Succeeds

Ever try a new task and you fail at it every time you try it over again? Do you get frustrated, quit and give up?. Or do you look at your temporary defeats try to learn from them as what you are doing wrong? Everyone make mistakes and fails at tasks that they are trying to succeed in. The difference between successful people and ordinary people is that every time a successful person fails they learn from there mistakes and look at there failures as a step towards getting closer to there goal.

Take a look at Thomas Edison the man who invented the light bulb. He failed 10,000 times before he got it right. He kept going when most people would of given up. So next time your trying to get a new technique to work right or are trying to gain some mass or lose weight but are not being to successful at it. Take a look at how long you have been working at reaching your goal...Have you spent enough time at it. If so change your game plan you get the same results by doing the same thing. Eventally you will get it right and succeed.

Monday, June 05, 2006


While we begin going out enjoying the warm summer weather and catching some rays, criminals are also going out enjoying how easy it is to break into peoples homes. Home invasions increase during the warm summer months due to people leaving windows open to let the fresh air in and being noticeably gone for extended periods of time while on vacation.

All families should be aware of these crime prevention tips for there home.

Close all doors and windows when going out regardless of how hot it is outside.

Make sure shrubs are trimmed so neighbors can keep an eye on your home for any suspicious activity.

Have exterior lights on motion detectors and placed where they can not be tampered with.

Interior lights should be on timers.

Do not leave spare keys around the house.

Leave a light, TV or radio on when you go out.

If your family is away on vacation get a house sitter.

Have your house sitter pick up the mail, change positioning of curtains and park their car in your drive way.

By following this simple steps and others your chances of your home and you becoming a victim of crime greatly decrease. Remember criminals have a checklist when choosing a home to break into. The more you make your home looked occupied and harder to break into the better.


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