Monday, February 27, 2006


I get many emails from my members & newsletter subscribers asking me how I came up with these proven self defense techniques. So I will try to answer that question to the best of my abilities in this short paragraph.

I began analyzing the natural reaction the body/mind had to violence while working as a bouncer/bodyguard. Through documentation and experiments I found nine out of ten individuals had the same reaction towards violence.

I began looking at the variables that hindered & effected individuals during violence. Varables such as...

a) How people trained & why there training wasn’t effective i.e. wearing loose clothing while training actually hindered peoples movements in a street attack due to people not being used to the range of motion with wearing "normal" clothing & being off balanced by wearing footwear.

b) Environment: fighting on uneven surfaces off balancing individuals while trying to execute a technique. Confined spaces which hindered the effectiveness of a technique performed causing it to be ineffective due to not being able to fully execute a self defense technique due to lack of space.

c) The lack of understanding of the effects that adrenaline plays on the mind & body, affecting fine motor skills to properly execute a technique. Also self defense systems forgeting to train the mind just as much as the body.

d) Knowing that a self defense system needed to be similar in movements to be remembered & to be effective. Learning a lot of different self defense techniques was dangerous due to the fact that the brain would become overloaded with information causing it to either forget or go through all the self defense techniques it learned to decide which technique was best for the situation. The increased reaction time could mean the difference between life & death.

3) Putting all the theory to the test working as a bouncer/bodyguard up against loud, pissed off violent drunks, dope fiends, gangsters & wannabe’s. I discarded what didn’t work & kept what did. I found a common fact in 99% of people that I fought with when striking anatomic weak points of the human body. These points caused a domino type of effect to your attackers system, giving time to finish him off or to escape & did not need perfect execution to work.

I considered every variable & left no stone unturned.That's why this self defense system works & is tight.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This article was emailed to me by one of my clients. Here is another good reason why you should learn self defense.

By Jeff Edwards, Tom Parry And Robert Stansfield, Times-Mirror Staff

A successful young lawyer was stabbed to death by muggers just yards from his home despite handing over all his possessions.Tom Rhys Pryce was heard pleading with the callous thieves, "What more do you want from me? You've got everything of value."Seconds later the two men knifed him in the head, body and limbs in a frenzied, ferocious and senseless attack before they fled.The 31-year-old, who was due to marry fiancée Adele Eastman in September, was stabbed at least a dozen times as he put up a fierce fight for his life with his bare hands.Investigation chief Detective Superintendent Julian Worker said: "This is a shocking murder. It looks like a completely gratuitous killing."It is clear it was a robbery. We know that he had already handed over everything of value that was on him. We know he was telling them he had nothing else of value. He was pleading with them and they just produced knives and started stabbing him."Tom was killed just 50 yards from his front door. Adele, 31, was in the house waiting for him to return from a work social event."She went outside after hearing the commotion just before midnight on Thursday but did not see her dying fiancé who was lying in a pool of blood.The family was too upset to talk last night. A neighbor said: "Tom and Adele were the picture of happiness."He had his whole life ahead of him but it has been so cruelly taken from him. Everyone's devastated."Another, Gerry Dobson, 63, added: "It's such a bloody, crying shame. We know from firsthand experience as parents the dedication and support that has gone into getting that young man where he got in his profession."To have some idiot take that away from you, not just you, but a whole family, friends and community, well it's dreadful."He was someone who had put in all that effort when you have so many bums who go around scratching a living and don't contribute anything to society."Tom was attacked as he walked to his home at Bathurst Gardens in Willesden, North West London, from nearby Kensal Green Tube station.He was smartly dressed in a blue shirt and tie, a grey suit and black business shoes.Det Supt Worker said: "This is a quiet, up and coming area of London, and not the type of place where we would expect a murder like this to happen." A neighbour of the couple added: "This is a very normal and usually quiet residential street. It's unbelievable someone should be killed in such a horrible way so close to his home."Police believe the murderers may have been lying in wait near Kensal Green station looking for a victim to rob.

Monday, February 06, 2006

From the true stories of idiots department.

This email was forwarded to me from a friend.Thought everyone would enjoy it. It is from the "Combat Carry" internet forum. Posted by Matt on

Yesterday, I was in my local bicycle shop, having some minor mechanical work done. I had ridden in, and was the only customer in the store, so there were no cars in the customer lot.While the wrench was working on the bike, I conversed with the manager for a bit, then drifted over to drool on some new bike toys. The shop is pretty open, with a low counter seperating the retail area from the shop, with a storage area in the back comprised of racks of shelving. There is, as it turns out, a door from the back area out to the rear parking area behind the store.One of the part time guys there decided to play a little joke on his colleagues. Thinking there were no customers in the store, he slams the back door open and announces "This is a robbery. Every Mother F$##er on the floor!"With our relative positions, I did not have a good view of the guy, but could see him through a rack of bicycles next to whereI was standing. With the backlighting from the open door, I could not clearly see his hands.I was carrying my pistol in a fanny pack, but my phone was on the strap of my Camelback, which was with my bike. I crouched down at the end of the row of bikes I was by, and moved back so there was no clear path through the frames between me and what I believed to be an armed robber. I opened the side zipper of the pack, reached in and secured a good grip on the pistol, pulling it out slightly so the beavertail and bottom rear ofthe grip were clear of the zipper (so it would not hang up if I needed to pull it the rest of the way). Thumb in top of the safety, trigger finger along the frame, ready to draw if needed.My thought process as the time was to watch and see what the guy did - if he was just after the register, I would have done nothing more. Seemed like an eternity, but it was probably only a few seconds, then the manager starts yelling at the guy"God damn it, , you scared the hell out of me. And there is a customer in the shop!". The guy says "oh, (crap), I'm sorry!"I pushed the gun back into the fanny pack, zipped it back up and stood up. The "robber" apologized to me for his stupid joke,and the manager was very apologetic.I suggested to the guy that doing things like that could get someone hurt. His response was "I didn't really have a gun, nobody could have been hurt".I thought he was going to pass out when I patted the fanny packand said "I do, and I had no way of knowing you were playing".He turned pretty white.The manager and I talked for a while, as he had never met anyone with a concealed firearm license. He's kind of a hippie,so I expected some negative commentary, but he was actually quite interested in concealed carry and guns in general.I left him with an invitation to go to the range some time,and information on the local range that provides the classes.Aside from being separated from my phone, I think it went pretty well.


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