Wednesday, November 30, 2005


When it comes to criminals or thugs there are two types. The first is the aggressive in your face type.
The second is the sly, sneaky and cunning type who pretends to be friendly but has bad intentions behind being the nice guy. Here some tips when dealing with their sly tricks. 1) If the individual has his hand in his pocket while speaking with you he will usually have a knife or some type of weapon in that pocket ready to use on you. Focus on his shoulder movement, when his shoulder moves his hand will be coming out of his pocket. Once the shoulder gives movement grab a hold of his elbow and control it. Control of the elbow means you have entire control of the arm, causing him not to be able to pull out his weapon. Follow with a push kick to the side of his knee and stomp on the knee while he's down shattering it against the concrete. 2) Criminals will ask for a light or cigarette keep moving and maintain your distance while answering “no”. If on some bad reasoning on your part you and you decide to stop be aware of whose around the sides and back of you. It's an old trick of one person being a decoy and the second hiding waiting for you to let your guard down while you search your pockets for a light.


Monday, November 28, 2005


The other day I received an email from a online self defense products store & martial arts instructor. The writer was offended at my copy on my web site after reading it stating I was putting down the martial arts, that it was street effective for self defense.The writer was a third degree black belt, sparred in countless grappling matches & won 30 death matches. My automatic reaction was to write him back a long detailed email on how he was full of it, to put it politely. I realized that it would be unproductive but instead to address this in the blog. You see anyone who states they have fought in 30 death matches is full of it. There bodies simply would not survive that long, that's the quick answer. Sparring in grappling matches is not street fighting or self defense they are two different worlds apart. I have never seen any UFC/NHB match where someone has bitten someone's fingers off to win a match or stabbed someone in the eye with an object to be victorious. Remember violence has no rules & anything goes. So if you ever find a self defense instructor who states those things stay away from him.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Our Anatomy of Self Defense film shoot is half way complete but their have been a few changes in the process. First we have had problems with production & schduling so the organization of TACT Self Defense has decided to produce a CD/Photo format instead of a DVD. With the CD/Photo format we will still be able to teach our viewers with our simple step by step manner & we are including additional information such as a larger section on how to make everyday objects into weapons & a text section on combat mindset & crime prevention tactics which at this moment can only be found on our HOW TO GET OUT ALIVE CD-ROM at We are shooting for a CD release in the new year & would like to thank everyone for there patience. To all our USA customers Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


A lot of small gangs or teenage groups like to hang around and try to be “want ta be gangster's”. They become tougher because there is power in numbers and they feel brave due to the fact that theirs one of you and five of them. Here are some suggestions when dealing with multiple attackers and swarming

1) Never walk in the middle of a group when their coming towards you, always walk around them, walking in between them makes you an easy target for swarming.

2) If a group does try to pick a fight with you, and you can not get away do not be in the middle of them. Try to move in front of the leader and have his group behind him; move so each time the front person moves you control the alignment of the group so everyone is behind him. This takes a little practice but once you got it down it will stay in your head and become second nature. Practice at home with a few people.

3) Move so an object such as a car/poll can be used as a divider between you and the group.

4) If you fall to the ground due to being attacked go into the fetile position, white knuckle your fists so it covers your face. Make sure you are in a tight ball, arms snug next to your ribs to protect them. Have strikes hit the top part of the skull; this is the hardest part of the head.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


The new Stun Master 775,000 volt stun gun will leave any sized attacker on the ground contorted in pain for several minutes. Should the attacker be touching you as you stun him the current will not pass to your body. Makes a great Christmas gift for someone you care about.Check it out at click the Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, Self Defense Product banner

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Do you know what to do if your car stalls in a deserted area? Here are some pointer's to help you out. First always put your hazard lights on and lock your doors. If someone comes along never open your door just roll down your window a little a hand should not be able to fit into the space. State politely that some one is on their way to help. Always have a cell phone on you with either a Tow Company or AAA Company in your cell phonebook directory. If you are in an area that is populated and well lit and you decide to leave your car make sure your visible countless accidents occur each year with people being hit by on coming traffic. Have an emergency kit in your car with items such as flashlight, blanket, and first aid kit, cat litter or salt incase you need traction on ice.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Under the Canadian Privacy Act a sex offender such as a child molester could be living next door to you & your children without you knowing it. Canadian privacy laws only allow to disclose the city or area under which a convicted sex offender may be living in. Unlike the U.S where you can simply go on the internet & find the exact street address of where the sex offender lives. The Canadian governments reasoning behind this is to not put the offender at risk of a hate crime such as what has happened in the U.S recently where a man murdered two sex offenders by simply finding there address on the internet, driving to there homes & killing them. Most sex offenders do there time & reoffend. I believe we should stop giving rights to those who harm others & do not want to change.The victims live in fear & pain every day why shouldn't the victimizer. Now that would be real justice.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


BITES: lean into bite, use a vibrating motion above upper lip to get jaws open, the viberating motion causes a parasympathic response releasing the jaw.


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