Monday, March 26, 2007


If you haven't seen the images on TV as of yet of the drunken off duty cop who attacked a bar maid then I suggust you Google it and check it out. It shows a few things that people can learn from when it comes to protecting yourself. The first is that when you are being attacked you are usually on your own when it comes to getting any help.

Keep in mind this 115 pound bar maid who was attacked by a 6'2, 215 off duty cop (real tough guy) had 2 patrons inside the pub watching the attack but did nothing to help. The 2nd factor was that even when she stopped somewhat fighting back her attacker didn't in his drunken rage, slamming her around like a rag dool.

3rd most self defense situations are brutal, sloppy and fast, nothing like what you watch in the movies. You also notice on this video footage that the attacker does not care for the well being of his victim, slamming her head violently. So it goes to show that if you walk into a self defense situation thinking of legal consequences or your attackers well being (I just want to stop him not hurt him attitude) your a goner.

So view the footage and email me on what she could of done when it came to protecting herself. Then on next weeks post I will go over the best course of action she could of took to stop this a**hole dead in his tracks.

Monday, March 19, 2007


It's called the poker face and you need to have it when in a threatening situation. The reason why. So you dont telegraph your intent to attack. Every time someone is going to attack they telegraph there intent some how with their facial expressions. Sometimes it's tightening their jaw or making some type of facial expression. This in turn gives your opponent a heads up on what you are thinking of doing and he is able to prepare himself for battle. So how do you go about having a poker face in a self defense situation? By pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth this will help restrict the facial expressions you make while executing your attack putting the element of surprise behind you. Also by pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth this will help prevent you from biting your tongue if your are hit in the jaw.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Home invasions are becoming more and more popular in this day and age and criminals are getting more creative on how they are entering homes. The newest trend is by knocking on peoples doors and handing out notices stating that they are from a water company or electrical company needing to get inside your home to read a meter.

First of all real workers such as these never need to enter your home to read the meters. Second if someone does try this on you never open the door and call the water or electrical company (call the number not provided by the individual at your door but call the number in the phone book) and ask if someone from the company is scheduled to be around your home.

If the person at the door begins to put pressure on you to open the door then call the police, its a sure signal that they are actually not who they say they are. Workers from companies such as these would understand someone being cautious of letting them in, were criminals on the other hand just get frustrated with the situation.

Monday, March 05, 2007


When selling goods in the newspaper such as pure breed pets to regular everyday items be aware that people with bad intentions are reading your ads making sure you are their next perfect victim for robbery, sexual assault or murder. Most people when selling items tend to set up meeting times with protential buyers in the privacy of their own homes when their are alone. For people with bad intentions this is a prime time to strike because their will be no witnesses.

So if you are selling any goods make sure you meet protential buyers in a public place or if your item is to big to bring to them have a few people around the home when the meeting takes place with a self defense weapon close by incase of an emergency. You can also make a game plan ahead of time on what you would do incase of an attack. It only makes sense to use your common sense.


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