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I can
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Norm “The Cannibal” Bettencourt

Sunday, May 16, 2010


In today's post I would like to discuss what you can do to help yourself when dealing with a street fighting injury. As you know when it comes to street fighting it is uncontrolled violence so anything can happen. It is the complete opposite from controlled violence such as MMA or bare knuckle bouts that are recorded and played on YouTube.

So it's not just good enough to know how to fight but also how to deal with injuries that occur during violence so you can see another day.

Here are some common injuries that you may face in a street confrontation. Some are life threatening while others are not and are related to training injuries.

By following these guidelines taken from the Canadian Red Cross Society your odds of survival will increase while you are waiting for medical assistance.


To control a nosebleed lean forward and pinch the nostrils together until bleeding stops if nose is broken call 911.


If you are breathing heavy after a physical confrontation place both your palms of your hand on the back of your head and stick your chest out this will open your lungs up so you can catch your breathe.


If you have assistants get them to place victim in lotus position (legs crossed) push the victims heels toward the groin while having victims knees out now you will push onto the chest a couple of times with your palms. If you are alone prop victims back against the front of your legs and push down on chest with your palms. Victim should regain consciousness if not after a few attempts call 911.


If you are hit and are dropped to the ground due to almost being knocked out do not get up on your feet right away. Instead go up on one knee count to ten then slowly get up on your feet use the surroundings around you to support yourself. Follow up by seeking medical attention.


If hit in the groin jump into the air and land on the heels of your feet a few times this will help subdue the intensity of pain.


If sprayed with pepper spray keep eye open and flush out eye with water/milk. If eye has been stabbed with an object do not remove object. If you can try to place sterile dressings around the object, support object with a paper cup and carefully bandage/support the cup in place. Call 911


If a body part is bitten off apply pressure to control bleeding, try to find missing body part, wrap in clean moist material place in plastic bag and place on ice, call 911.


A concussion is when someone loses consciousness for only a few minutes, anyone who is suspected of having one should see a physician

Scalp Injury this is when the scalp is bleeding, remember when dealing with a scalp injury there usually is a lot of bleeding involved. Apply pressure to control bleeding and apply dressing. If it is a deep scalp wound apply pressure with hands to the area around the wound.


Do not wash wound for you can cause greater tissue damage but attempt to control the bleeding by applying pressure and elevate wounded area if you can. Use dressing, shirt towel or a hand to apply pressure. If body part has been completely cut off, find body part, wrap in moist clean material place in plastic bag and place on ice.


Wash wound with soap and water, place dressing over wound. When to get stitches? Stitches are usually needed for face and hand lacerations when edges of skin do not fall together or when any wound is longer than ½ to 1 inches.


Carefully position yourself on your back, do not apply direct pressure. Do not push back into the abdomen any organs that may be protruding from the wound. Remove clothing around wound apply moist sterile dressing loosely over the wound (warm tap water can be used) call 911


When an artery gets cut you want to apply pressure on it immediately by using a shirt or hand. If it is the artery in the wrist that is wounded elevate the hand as you apply pressure while placing two of you fingers from you other hand up into your arm pit area so you slow the pulse down.

If it is the artery in your thigh (slightly above the knee area) you want to apply pressure immediately using a shirt or your hand. Place your other hand/forearm in the crease of your groin and hip area and apply pressure to help stop the flow of blood to that area. Seek medical attention immediately with any arterial wound it is considered life threatening.

P.S. When stopping blood flow to the area you only want to do this for 10 minutes any time after that you begin to cause damage to that body part. Also if an object is lodged in the body, do not pull it out for it will cause severe bleeding.


These are effective quick ways to control an injury from becoming worse so time is on your side. Always call for medical assistance as soon as possible.

Till the next time remember there is no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm "The Cannibal" Bettencourt


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