Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Best Self Defense Training Knives

I am always looking for ways to make my self defense training as realistic as possible. I find that sometimes some of the training tools that I use sometimes will either help or hinder my training. Take for example self defense training knives that are out on the market today.

There is the traditional rubber knife which has been used for years. Regardless that this knife is made from rubber it still can injure someone during training sessions.I have suffered a few minor cuts from it's pointed tip when my training partner goes full speed trying to slash or stab me. What happens next is that my training partner slows down on his attack due to his concern in injuring me. My knife training scenario's now becomes extremely controlled and unrealistic.

Then there is the Shock Knife which is a great training tool. This knife sends off an electric shock to the person being cut during a training session. It gets practitioners adrenaline and blood pumping which is what you want happening in your training sessions. This then mimics the affects adrenaline plays on your body during a real life violent encounter while your training. You also are more hesitant in executing your knife disarming tactics compared to being up against a rubber knife when using a Shock Knife. This is exactly how you will be feeling when dealing with a real knife which is a good thing. There are a few of downfalls to the Shock Knife the first only law enforcement or military personnel can get there hands on it. Second is it's cost, a bit pricey. The third is that your training partner will still hold back on his attack because the Shock Knife can injure the practitioner due to it's hard surface.

Then there are foam knives that regardless of how fast and hard you go at your training partner the foam knife is extremely safe and your training partner will have no hesitations of going full speed on you. You can also place lipstick on these knives as well so you can see if you have been stabbed or slashed. This then shows you what you need to adjust in your knife disarming tactics so your better able to handle a real life knife attack.

All in all I like the Shock Knife for it's special characteristics but also like foam knives better. Foam knives make your training more realistic because your training partner is actually trying to slash ans stab you from every angle and at fast speeds. Foam knives are also dirt cheap or you can make them yourself as well. My vote goes to foam knives.

There's No Such Thing As A Dirty Fighter Only An Educated One.

Norm Bettencourt


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