Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hi everyone I would just like to wish everyone Happy Holidays I will taking the rest of 09 off so I won't be in touch with any of you till 2010. I have also just finished talking with my book publisher and my book Secrets of Street Fighting will be out either in the 2nd or 3rd week of January. Once I get word I will place a link up on this forum so you can purchase your copy from Amazon.

Have a happy and safe holiday.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Hi everyone hope everybody had a great week. Today's post I would like to discuss how you can separate fact from fiction when it comes to information on self defense techniques. There are a lot of claims that if you perform a certain techniques you will get a response from your attacker.

An example of this is the technique of breaking someones neck by twisting and jarring a persons head quickly which will cause your attacker to be killed instantly.

In reality this is completely false first for the fact that the human body is very strong it would take an exceptionally strong individual to be able to perform this tactic. The actual amount of force needed to break someones neck is tremendous.

The next thing about this tactic is that a person will not die instantly if this tactic is performed on them not like how you see in the movies. As well there are many people out there that claim that they have been in the special forces and have learned or performed this tactic and that it is correct.

The reality is that just because someone says they are from an elite military team doesn't necessarily mean it's true. Even if someone is from the lets say a special forces unit there are many different units within the special forces some that don't have anything to do with hand to hand combat.

So how do you go about finding out if a self defense tactic will actually do what it says it will do? Simple just ask your doctor (don't look over info on the internet a lot of misinformation here) he will be able to tell you true real world knowledge of what the human body can withstand.

Till the next time remember there is no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm "The Cannibal" Bettencourt

Monday, November 30, 2009


Hi everyone hope every body had a great couple of weeks. I have been extremely busy these last couple of weeks and could not make any posts last week, sorry about that. This weeks post I would like to discuss cover and concealment when it comes to dealing with being shot at.

Now most countries do not allow citizens to carry firearms so I am only going to talk about situations such as these. For countries that do allow its citizens to carry firearms there are additional things that you can do in this situations.

So if you are ever in a situation where someone is shooting at you and you need to run to get to cover and concealment. You want to run in a zig zag pattern this way it will be much harder for your attacker to line you up on his sights and shot you. Yes it may take a little more time to get there but your odds of getting shot will be much less then running in a straight line. You may get there quicker but usually with an extra hole in you because your attacker as an easier time lining you up on his sights.

You also want to get down low to the ground and take cover or concealment. Now here are the differences between cover and concealment now keep in mind you are going to run your ass off while probably shitting or pissing yourself when getting shot at and are not going to give a flying f**k if you have cover or concealment but reading this now it can help you keep some vital points in mind.

Cover constitutes any object or barrier that will protect you from being shot as well as conceal your position. Examples would be an engine block area of a vehicle, a solid brick wall, or a concrete planter. Concealment only serves to hide or obscure your location. It does not provide protection. Examples include bushes, vehicle doors, the interior walls of most structures, and even darkness.

Remember with cover, ensure that you keep an appropriate amount of distance from that barrier. The reason you maintain a safe distance from a barricade is to avoid being hit by ricochets. Till the next time remember there is no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm "The Cannibal" Bettencourt

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hi everyone,

Hope everyone had a great week. Today's post I would like to discuss the topic of vaccines. Regardless if your favorite self defense technique is an upper cut, right hook or to bite you always run the risk of contracting a disease from your attacker when you attack him. Actually you have more of a risk on contracting a disease from punching someone then biting someone (if you haven't done so read my posts on biting).

Now first things first the last think that should be running off in your head when your fighting to protect yourself is "maybe I shouldn't do this because I might catch something" if that's whats going off in your brain your screwed because you don't have the proper mindset it's like going to a gun fight with only a knife your going to get killed.

You should have no limitations or hesitations when it comes to doing what you gotta do to protect yourself or loved ones (at least that's how I see it). Now this is were the topic of vaccines comes into play especially against diseases such as Hep A & B. There are vaccines that your doctor can give you to help protect yourself from these diseases.

This in turn will not only give you a little more piece of mind when it comes to doing what you gotta do when your protecting yourself but also when going about your everyday life such as when traveling. So next time your at your doctors get info on the different vaccines that are out there because sometimes it's not enough to be able to protect yourself physically but internally as well.Till the next time remember

There's no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm "The Cannibal" Bettencourt

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Hi everyone,

Control the head and the rest of the body must follow; it’s the simple law of anatomy. Watch someone try to get up off the ground when they are flat on there back. What moves first? The head, if the head cannot move then the body cannot as well.

How To Attack: By twisting, cranking, pushing, pulling, pinning, and manipulating your enemies head you control his body regardless if you’re in a stand up or ground fighting situation.

Also if you're mounted by an attacker have one butt cheek up off the ground this will help you as you crank your attacker’s head reverse the situation because then you can use your legs to help twist your attacker’s body off of you.

Note: When cranking you want, to steer the head, do not be concerned about breaking your attacker’s neck. This tactic actually places less force on the neck then a chiropractic adjustment.

Till the next time remember there's no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm "The Cannnibal" Bettencourt

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Remaining Teachable-Agree To Disagree

Hi everyone,

In today's post I would like discuss the issue of being able to agree to disagree. A lot of times in the self defense industry people tend to stop being teachable. They tend to think that the way they were taught on how to fight is the only TRUE method of self defense.

In reality there is no one right way to do things. I believe that we can learn from one another but to do this we must remain teachable and open minded. Even if you see a tactic that does not seem realistic there can be different elements in that tactic that can or may benefit you.

So take what you wish from my posts and others posts and leave what you dislike behind. I don't expect people to agree with everything I say. Remember to always analyze and dissect everything you read and hear from me and from all other self defense sites.

Remember there is no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm "The Cannibal" Bettencourt

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hi Everyone,

Today's post I would like to discuss micro expressions. So what exactly is a micro expression well a simple example would be when a person is about to throw a punch you will notice that they will either squint there eyes or there cheek bones will move those are micro expressions. The majority of people have this tendency before executing a tactic which in turn telegraphs their intentions.

A way to help prevent yourself from telegraphing your intention to attack is by controlling your micro expressions by placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth before and while executing your tactics. This will help make your face expressionless hence making it harder for your enemy to know what your up to. It takes some practice but once you get into the habit of placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth it will become second nature.

Till next time take care and remember

There's no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm "The Cannibal" Bettencourt

Monday, October 12, 2009

TACT's Instructors Program Is Now Accepting Applications

Hi Everyone,

Just a heads up that TACT Self Defense Street Fighting Systems is now accepting applications for individuals who are interested in becoming TACT instructors. If you want to increase enrollment at your current school or have a passion to teach self defense & street fighting who wants to run your own school then this program is for you. Plus this is the only street fighting and training system of its kind any where. Click this link below or paste it onto your browser and you will be directed to a web page that has all the vital details about this one of a kind opportunity.

Remember there’s no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm “The Cannibal” Bettencourt

Thursday, October 01, 2009


If you haven't realized as of yet why they call me t"The Cannibal" you will now I love to bite when I fight and find it is a very powerful and extremely effective tactic. For those who fear disease transfer due to this tactic see my previous posts regarding this.

Now my 14 month old son loves to feed me food and expects me to do the favor in return and have dad place food into his mouth. Well dad seems to be getting slow in his old age and after placing a piece of food into his mouth I was a little slow removing my finger from his mouth.The next thing I feel is my son's teeth biting down hard onto my finger tip, which did not feel to good.

After the pain subsided I looked at my little guy gave him a big hug and kissed the top of his head letting him know that it was ok, since he seemed a little concerned when I yelped in pain. That whole situation reinforced how powerful biting can be. If a 14 month old toddler can stop a man who has been conditioned to with stand a crap load of pain then that says something about how powerful the "bite" tactic can be.

Remember there's no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.


Friday, September 25, 2009


Hi everyone,

Are you one of those people that wonder why people always pick fights with you or stare you down? Well today's post is exactly on that topic. People who are considered to be "prey"or the weaker ones usually find themselves in situations where they end up being bullied. The reason for this is that they attract the bullying due to the how they present themselves to the world. So if you feel scared, timid or powerless your attitude will display this to the outside world in the way you walk, talk and carry yourself during the course of your day.

Predators see these characteristics that the prey are displaying and are naturally drawn and attracted to them like a fly is naturally drawn to crap. It boils down to animal magnetism and please I am not implying that people with low self esteem are crap I am just making a comparison. Take a look at people with confidence they walk with there head held high, shoulders rolled back, walk with energy and purpose and talk with an assertive tone. They don't have the problem of people picking on them because of how they are presenting themselves regardless of there size.

Now if you are one of these prey people have a friend follow you with a video camera on any given day that you don't know about and have them record you in your natural environment. What you will find is how you truly present yourself to the outside world and trust me there is a big difference on what you think you display compared to what you actually display. Many people are shocked when they see themselves and how they actually present themselves to others.

Note: There are many small video cameras that are hidden that look like pens, buttons etc so they can not be detected. An example of a naturally filmed environment is having a friend follow you to work in the morning who knows your routine. Example where you get a coffee, the streets you take to get to work.

This is a powerful eye opening exercise that works.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Thought some of you would like reading this.

The Defender's Creed
By: John Farnam

I accept and understand that human predators exist. Criminal or terrorist, they take advantage of our civilized society to prey upon the weak. They represent evil and must be confronted and defeated.

I believe that self-defense is a moral imperative, and that illegitimate force and illegal violence must be met with righteous indignation and superior violence.

I will not rely on others for the security of myself, my family and my community.

I proudly proclaim that I run with a like-minded pack. I do not amble through life with the mind-numbed herd.

I will train with my chosen weapons, maintain them and carry them in a condition of readiness at all times.

I will be mentally prepared and physically equipped to effectively respond to an attack or emergency.

I will constantly test myself against realistic standards to discover my strengths and weaknesses. I will turn weakness into strength.

I will seek to learn new skills and techniques, and then teach what I have learned to other members of the pack.

Be it with firearm or blade, empty hand or blunt object, I will hit my enemies hard, fast and true.

I will live a quiet and unobtrusive life, but I will develop and retain the capacity for swift and decisive violence.

I recognize that I am the modern equivalent of the traditional Minuteman, and that I may be called to service at any time against heavily armed enemies. I will respond effectively.

I accept that I am a pariah among some of my countrymen, and a quaint anachronism to others. I will not hold their ignorance against them.

I will win, or die trying.

I swear this creed before God, my family and my fellow citizens.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hi everybody today's post I would like to discuss fashion. Now a lot of you are thinking what the hell does fashion have to do with street fighting well to tell you the truth a lot and I will tell you why.

In today's society a lot of guys like wearing hoodies with the hood over there heads now think about how this can be a down fall for that person when it comes to self defense/street fighting. First your vision is limited because the hood is blocking part of your view effecting your situational awareness. The next problem with wearing a hood is that all your attacker has to do is pull on it while he is pounding on you and he will have an easier time controlling you.

This goes with other clothing items such as baggy jeans which can trip you up and effect your kicking speed and skills when your in a fight. Untied shoes which will effect your balance and foot work when it comes to your personal protection tactics from being successful. So next time you get dressed think if what your wearing will help you or hinder you in a fight.

Stay Safe


Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hi everyone in today's post I would like to go over doing two things at once when your blocking to not only block your attackers blow but to also hurt him at the same time so you "defang" or "disarm" your attacker taking away his weapons. How do you go about doing this? Well lets use an example of how I block a punch I like using a tactic that I call the "elbow block" all I do is block my attacker's punch by bringing up both my elbows together so that they protect my face and torso so when my attacker makes contact with me with his fist he strikes my elbows which in turn damages his fingers and knuckles.

This in turn takes away one of his weapons so now he only has one hand to punch with and his momentum as stopped suddenly and now I can put the momentum on my side. Another tactic you can use to kill two birds with one stone when your blocking is using the "hammer fist block" this will hurt your attackers forearms when you block his punches using the hammer fists. So make sure when you perform a tactic that you not only block but strike at the same time so you make life a little easier for yourself when it comes to your self defense.

Stay Safe


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scanning: Avoiding The Ambush

Hi everyone hope all is well with everybody today I would like to go over how to scan in self defense situations. Now like I have stated in a previous post scanning helps prevent tunnel vision because your eyes are not fixed on one single image therefore you are able to see everything that is occurring in your immediate surroundings.

As well whenever you walk down the street make it a habit of looking at items that are around you that you can use as a weapon. Remember items such as dirt, mail or newspaper boxes, cars, bushes, steps, curbs and the like. These are all items that can help take out your attacker by either creating a barrier between you and your attacker, or tripping them up with or throwing them as well as impairing there vision with.

As well you want to scan after you have finished attacking your attacker. You want to back away at least 15 feet from your attacker even if he is knocked out flat on the sidewalk keeping your eyes on him as well keeping an eye out for who is around and behind you. That way you are ready for any sneak attacks coming from your attackers friends who try to ambush you.

There are countless cases of people beating the crap out of there attacker then finding themselves in the middle of an ambush because they let there guard down because they thought that the fight was over when in reality it was just beginning. Remember anything goes out on the street because there's is no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Saturday, June 06, 2009



Let me ask you a question if you were up against an attacker who had HIV/AIDS and had no way out of the situation but to fight and you had only two options one would be to punch your attacker and the other would be to bite him which of the two tactics would most likely transfer the virus over to you if you were to use it?

The answer is punching why because when you punch someone you are more likely to cut your fist in the process. When you bite someone you are less likely to cut your gum.

HIV/AIDS is transferred through the blood stream, when biting someone the virus is going directly into your saliva not into your blood stream.

Now some people seem to get an idea in there head that they will have options when dealing with a crazed individual who out weighs you by 50-100 lbs and that if all else falls then use biting as a last resort. People who think that they have options are people who have no real experience with violence (dojo and MMA sparring or matches don't count) Yes sometimes you have options a lot of times you don't it's about reacting to pure chaos and nothing else.

A lot of times you don't see those blows coming at your face when you have some crazed dude beating on you all you can do is feel the impact. Now tell me what your options are now. I have bitten countless people in my time and never have caught a disease. But don't take my word for it ask your doctor about AIDS/HIV transfer for this is were I have gotten this information from when creating my system (don't Google the info there's a lot of mixed up info on the subject which never as been proven)

Yes you can catch Hep C and other diseases but hell I will take my chances when someone is trying to kill me or a loved one. The thought of catching a disease will be the last think on my mind during these situations anyways. Personal protection is about doing what you have to do to survive and trust me when push comes to shove you will do anything even bite.


I love some of the comments disease phobic people give when the issue of biting arises when it comes to personal protection. Now if you haven't read my first post on this topic then I would recommend you do to get an idea of where I stand when it comes to biting. Now I stated yesterday in my post that AIDS/HIV is only transferred through the blood stream and when you bite your attackers blood is not going into your blood stream but your saliva instead. You are more like to come into contact with the virus if you were to punch someone.

Now this may freak out all the germ phobics out there but I must state this point. It's about coming into contact with the HEP C virus which is much easier to get infected with then it is to get infected by the HIV/AIDS virus. Now yes you can catch HEP C from biting but you can also catch HEP C from punching someone (shit there's goes that tactic), from grappling with someone who has 3 day old dry blood on them (sorry this is HEP D or E or the latter, there's a few of them forgot which one it is). Shit you can't even touch anyone anymore or your going to get sick. See my point regardless what you do you still can get exposed with these viruses so you might as well do the most effective tactic first to stop the S.O.B quickly before he takes you out.

So some may say ok I get the point but I would rather use my knife which I agree, but do you know how many people cut themselves when protecting themselves shit there's goes that tactic because you might come into contact with the virus there to (NOTE: that's if you can get to your blade because a lot of people are to busy messing around doing useless tactics in the 1st place, it's not like you have time to try a few things out, then get to your blade, better be able to draw that sucker fast if not what you going do?...shit I have seen people not be able to get it in time and get f""ked up with a big blade still hanging off there belt...the 1st thing you do better work on the street countering is tough). The simple point I am trying to make is you got to take out your attacker fast and biting is quick. As well a lot of tactics will not work but biting is one of the few that does and remember when crap hits the fan you usually can't even remember your name let alone some fine motor skill tactic so how the hell are you going to execute it.

I train guys full time (security/civilians) and some of the boys I train outweigh me by 150LBS. Now a lot of shit out there does not work but biting as never failed me while training when someone is trying to test me out or out on the street ( I am a former 160 LB bouncer). I have never caught a disease but don't take my word for it ask a medical professional such as a doctor about this issue, hell this is were I got the info from when I created the this system.

P.S. If you do bite someone get to a hospital within a 2 hour window you will be given a cocktail to counter the virus (not a guarantee to be virus free) but hell your going to have to do this anyway if blood is drawn in the fight regardless if you bite, punch, grapple or stab someone so why not do the most effect tactic first so momentum isn't on your attacker's side because once it is it's hard to get it back.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


I have just released my new 126 page book called Street Fighting Secrets...There's No Such Thing As A Dirty Fighter Only An Educated One which can be purchased for only $29.99 at I have included a short exert from Chapter 4 from my book which is called The Six S's of Street Fighting in this months post enjoy.

In my street fighting system called TACT Self Defense there are six important concepts or principles to street fighting which all start with the letter “S” that should be applied to every street fighting situation. By following these concepts and principles which have been taken from systems that the military, FBI, CIA use as well as what convicts and street fighters use will put momentum on your side to help take out your enemy.

The First “S” = Situational Awareness

By having situational awareness, you are never caught off guard so you can either avoid or deal with whatever situation comes your way all due to having time to respond because you are alert to your surroundings because you are in a “code yellow” condition.

Most people walk around being in “code white” not paying attention to their environment, thinking about what they have to do throughout their day, such as picking up the dry cleaning, doing groceries and so on. This in turn has people unaware of there surroundings because they are stuck in there head making them easy victims for violence because they are unaware of what is going on around them. So if they do get attacked regardless if they have the best street fighting moves around, it will be useless because you do not have time to respond to the situation at hand because you do not see what’s coming until it is too late. So how do you have situational awareness and be in “code yellow”? Here are some suggestions.

“You Must Be In Code Yellow”

Use Reflections: Be in the present moment and while going about your day use reflections from windows of buildings and cars to see what is happening around you, this will give you a complete 360 degree view of your surroundings making it harder for you to be caught of guard.

Keep Your Distance: Take corners wide. This way if someone is waiting for you around the bend, you will have time to respond to the stimuli and not be caught off guard. When walking, keep your distance from people walking next to you or while walking near people seated at side walk cafes. As well when walking next to bushes and other objects you want to give yourself some distance away from these objects in case someone is hiding near them.

Shadows: Notice shadows that are coming up on you while walking. This gives you an indication that someone may be making their move. While walking to your car or doorway observe to see if there are shadows around.

Senses: Use your senses such as sight which we have already gone into but smells as well. Do you smell cigarette smoke, body odor, alcohol? What do you hear - foot steps, a group of people coming your way from behind or a car speeding up towards you? These are all things that can help you either to avoid a situation from happening or to prepare yourself to deal with that situation so you can catch your enemy off guard and take him out. Always trust your gut instinct if something doesn’t feel right. Listen to what your gut is telling you.

The Second “S” = Stance & Spacing

Whenever dealing with anyone, you want to keep at least five to ten feet away from your enemy this way you have more time to respond to the stimuli that comes your way. You want to stand at a 45 degree angle with your knees slightly bent, your dominate hand at the rear while your hands are up chest level while always talking with your hands. Have your chin slightly tucked in, so you’re protected if your enemy tries sucker punching you, you won’t get knocked out. This stance as well makes you less of a target then standing directly in front of your enemy and allows you to move away from your enemy’s attack quickly. Keep in mind to never back yourself into a corner. Always have your back towards a door, and if you need to back up, take one step back then turn so your back is always facing an exit this way you always have a way out.

Note: There are situations where having your back towards a wall can be helpful such as using it as a support so you don’t fall to the ground or having your back against a wall so you don’t have to worry about someone coming up from behind you.

The Third “S”= Scanning

While using situational awareness, you want to scan your surroundings. By scanning you prevent tunnel vision which is a major problem for people in a confrontation because then you exclude stimuli that could be coming their way such as the friends of your enemy coming into the picture while in the heat of the moment, or afterwards when the fight is over. Note what you can use in your environment to take out your attacker, items such as garbage bins, bus stop benches while fighting out on the street. While fighting indoors items such as vases, pots, pans, chairs and tables are all things that will make your life easier and safer for you to take out your enemy, more on this in a later chapter. So begin making it a habit whenever you walk into a room or in any environment to scan and see what you can use as a weapon if crap hits the fan and you need to take someone out.

You want to scan your enemy’s body language for cues that will indicate that he may become violent. Most people usually don’t have a clue on what to look for when it comes to the enemy’s body language to tell what his true intentions are when both of you are at a stand off before the first strike is thrown. Body language says more than verbal communication and is 60% of how a message is communicated. So what are some of these body language cues to look out for that tells you that a person will attack?

- Is he making a fist?
- Tight lips or jaw line
- Clinching his teeth
- Exaggerated motions such as swinging his arms
- Red face (angry/drunk)
- Staring at you (more than 70% of the time)
- While looking into his eyes his stare changes or he quickly goes off some
where in his mind (he has triggered himself)
- Trying to invade your personal space

- Sweat dripping of his face (possible drug use)
- Aggressive tone
- What do you smell on him (alcohol/drugs)
- Changes from being in your face to being nice to catch you off guard
- Ignores you when your speaking to them
- Suddenly holds his breath (is getting ready to strike)
- Has his hand in his pocket while being verbally threatening (usually has a
weapon in his pocket ready to pull it out and use it on you)
- Is quiet (watch out for the quiet ones)

Whenever dealing with anyone you want to keep at least five to ten feet away from your enemy this way you have more time to respond to the stimuli that comes your way. As well when dealing with someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs there behavior will be unpredictable so stay alert. Always focus on your enemy’s’ shoulders for this will give away there movement before actually attacking and never underestimate anyone regardless of size or gender.

The Fourth “S”= Surprise

By having and using the element of surprise you now place momentum on your side. Remember what I have stated earlier “There’s no such thing as a dirty fighter…only an educated one” So if someone calls you out and begins taking off his jacket as he is taking off his jacket–attack him then¬–and keep attacking till you know he won’t be getting up. Also if someone calls you outside to fight when he turns around to walk out the door, hit him with a chair while his back is towards you, or strike him using your favorite tactic. There’s no such thing as a dirty fighter and if people want to call you that, then they have no idea what street fighting is about.

If you are in a situation where you are minding your own business and someone approaches you in a threatening manner, play timid but in you’re mind you are tapping into your “killer instinct mindset” and getting ready to execute your “specialized sucker punch”. What is a specialized sucker punch? It is any tactic that you do to catch your enemy off guard without telegraphing your intentions, surprising him and overwhelming him with your assault.

It could be bringing your hands in surrender mode and talking with your hands while stating “I don’t want any tro…” before you finish your phrase, you attack in mid sentence catching him off guard with either a finger jab to the eyes or a palm upwards to your enemies chin, and continue your assault till your enemy can’t get up off the ground..

Another way of doing this would be if you have a drink in your hand. Play timid. State your phrase, and before finishing it, throw that drink in your enemies face. What this will do is cause a shock response to your enemy and will temporarily impair their vision, so you can then follow through with a more devastating tactic or to just get out of harms way. Regardless if its water, alcohol or hot coffee this tactic is very effective, especially if it’s hot coffee, for your enemy will begin screaming like a little girl.

This tactic can also be done with dirt being thrown into your enemy’s eyes. Let’s say you are walking late at night down a street and there is someone following you. If you sense something might be up, listen to your gut instinct. Kneel down and pretend to tie your shoe, look back to see who is there and grab some dirt and keep it in your hand. If there is trouble then throw it into your enemies’ eyes, and follow through. Bottom line is to catch your enemy off guard by using your environment, playing timid or just by attacking in mid phrase. This then puts momentum on your side and all your enemy can do is go into a defensive state.

To read more from this chapter go to Street Fighting Secrets to order your copy of Street Fighting Secrets
Grip Conditioning For Street Fighting

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I belong to an organization called "The Street Fighter's Forum" which is on Facebook and I would like to invite everyone who is interested in learning real world street fighting tactics to join it's free and there is a ton of great stuff in this forum. Now a post was made yesterday by a couple of ego crazed mma fighter's stating that they can do this and that and God knows what else and basically they are unstoppable which we all know is bullshit because when you go into a street fight anything goes and that included weapons.

Unfortunately these dumb asses thought they can also stop bullets with there mma skills, I can definitely tell these guys never had a real fight in there lives. Now to make a long story short they stated that shin kicks would not effect them due to there conditioned shins. Now true that mma 's have tough shins when there up against another mma that is barefoot or when there shins are clashing against one another when they both kick at the same time. Now the myth is this that it's not going to effect them if you kick them in the shins in a street fight.

This is incorrect information even though they may not feel as much pain as the average person it will still effect them why because in a street fight your wearing shoes or boots. If you are like me then your wearing steel toe boots. I have dropped average conditioned men kicking them once in the shins and when dealing with mma's have have dropped them kicking them several times in the shins. Variables such as being kicked with steel toes boots changes the dynamics of the fight.

Remember in the street fight there are no rules or ref's a lot of people tend to think that mma is street effective when in fact it's a sport. Have you ever seen during a grappling situation in the cage a person bite then pull out a knife and stab his opponent in the balls? Then it's not a real fight... for real fights don't have ref's or rules.

Monday, March 23, 2009

How To Read Body Language Cues When It Comes To Violence

When it comes to communication what we say really doesn’t account for much. Words only represent 10% of the message that we are trying to communicate and our voice only represents 30%. Our body language actually represents 60% of the message that we send out to the receiver.

So the big question is what are the signs to look out for that tells, us that the person in front of us is going to attack. Most martial arts and self defense schools never go over this type of information which leaves practitioners either using force when the person in front of them had no intention of getting physical or the opposite where practitioners miss the cues and don’t see what’s coming until it’s too late.

So here are some signs to look out for that will indicate that the person in front of you is going to become physical with you.

-Tight jaw line
-Clinched teeth
-Red face
-Staring at you more than 70% of the time
-Subjects fixed eyes suddenly fades off somewhere and then
comes back
-Clinched fist
-Subject is quiet, people who yell are usually venting and release
aggression this way, so always watch out for the quiet ones
-Stance becomes grounded subject is preparing to strike
-Subject holds his breathe - most people before striking will do this
-Trying to invade your personal space

By knowing and looking out for these body language cues your chances of being sucker punched decrease because you know what people’s true intentions are regardless of what they are telling you. Remember it’s not about what people say but how they are saying it.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Thursday, February 12, 2009


The other day I get a reply from some dumb ass who had just watched one of my YouTube videos regarding biting and he makes a post that even though I state that it is very difficult to get HIV/AIDS through biting that you can still get other disease such as Hep C and such if you bite.

Here's where my beef comes in I don't teach street fighting to kids who want to get into fights after school and such. I teach people who have to survive real life threatening situations such as someone getting raped or someone trying to protect there wife or child from some psycho.

So tell me would you actually be thinking I can't bite this guy cause I might get sick I will just let him rape me and take my chances and let him give me whatever disease he has when he cums inside me or better yet I won't bite his finger off cause I don't want HEP C he can kidnap my kid and I can live with that decision cause I will be disease free.

That was my bitch for the day, just can't stand people who have no experience with real violence then decide to comment on it, trying to look smart when they have no clue on what there talking about.

Sunday, February 01, 2009



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