Monday, May 18, 2015

How To Make Undrinkable Water Drinkable In Urban Survival Situations

Hey everyone,

Today I would like to discuss one of the top three priorities when it comes to urban survival and that is water.

As you may already know water is more than a priority then food. Three days without it and you’re screwed.
Most people store water for urban survival situations and think they have that issue covered and place a check mark on their survival check list thinking when the day comes and water supply from taps is scarce or non-existent they can turn to this source.

But what if you’re in an urban survival situation such as an earthquake where you can’t get to this source because it’s buried under a ton of rumble.

Then what do you do?

This is where the Life Straw comes in.

This simple water filter that is easy to use, light weight, cheap and portable can make the most undrinkable water drinkable by simply sucking through its straw.

Check it out here…

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