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Hi Everyone,

In today’s post I would like to discuss empty handed “kill shots” or “deadly strikes” and if they actually exist or work.

First I would like to mention that yes a man can be taken out and killed with a single blow. There are cases where a man has been punched once in the head and has fallen to the ground and has knocked his head on the concrete and has been killed due to this trauma but the reality of this actually happening is very low.

When it comes to successfully using violent trauma to someone many variables come into play. Remember adrenaline increases your pain threshold, prepares the human body for combat by doing a number of things internally to protect the body from trauma (I won’t bore you with the medical terminology and try to show you how smart I am).

Other variables such as the receiver of the trauma defending themselves and moving around making it much more difficult to strike these “kill targets” accurately. Take for example striking someone in the temple the odds of actually taking another person’s life while striking this area is very slim remember in an altercation no one is static, people are consistently moving, dodging, fighting back and slipping strikes. It becomes extremely difficult for most people to strike the temple right on the button. Even if you were to strike the temple with perfect execution the odds of the person dying are still slim.

Realistically it is extremely rare and very difficult to kill with one or two strikes regardless of who you are, think you are or what combat system you have taken. The human body is very resilient and can take on a ton of punishment.

NOTE: Your success of killing someone will increase if you use a weapon to cause trauma to your enemy’s body but this is still not a guarantee for a successful kill.

This can be proven simply by listening to the news and hearing of people who have suffered severe blunt trauma by multiple attackers or multiple stab and gun shot wounds and have lived to tell about them. These are not just 1- 2 stab wounds to vital areas but multiple stabbings occurring 13-15 times to their body.

There are even more extreme cases where people have survived trauma in a high speed motor vehicle accidents or being pinned under a semi truck in a motor vehicle accident. Once again the human body can take a massive beating.

So when I hear of combat instructors indicating that there system teaches how to break necks or shows kill shots with minimal strikes I always shake my head in disbelief and hope people are not hanging on to these people’s claims or else they are going to be in for a very rude awakening.

So my suggestion to reader’s is look into the information you are receiving not by asking questions to your instructor because they are bias but by asking questions to those who know the human body best and those people are physicians. They will set you straight without any bullshit.

Remember there is no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm Bettencourt


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