Sunday, July 20, 2008


In this post I would like to go over how someone can spot or pick up signs that there is a criminal who is carrying a concealed weapon on them. Remember awareness is your best weapon when it comes to your personal self defense without it you cannot avoid or respond in time to the danger coming your way. Below are some suggestions taken from the site

•Wearing concealment garments such as a jacket, coat, or vest when it is noticeably too hot for such attire.

•Wearing a coat that is completely unzipped when weather is cold enough to warrant a zipped jacket.

•Wearing a shirt with the tail out and or only buttoned near the top.
Note that most criminals do not carry a gun in a holster. The most common method of carry is to slip the gun inside their waistband near the front pocket of their pants or in the small of their back.

•Repeatedly touching the areas where you would likely carry a gun to adjust it when walking.

•Excessively keeping one hand in the pocket to keep the gun stabilized or to camouflage the print of the gun through the clothing.

•When running, pressing a hand against clothing in an attempt to stabilize the gun.

•When walking, only swinging one arm, using the other arm to stabilize the gun or to prevent concealment garment from opening in a breeze.

•When your eyes meet, the criminal looks down quickly to where the gun is concealed or moves an arm to cover the possible printing of the weapon against his clothing, then avoids any eye contact with you and moves away.

•Clothing that does not fit properly due to the weight of the gun in a pocket of a jacket pulling the collar.

•The centerline of the pants in the crotch or buttock area pulled excessively to one side due to the gun being placed inside the waistband.

•Bulges under the clothes in the waist area.

•Bulky pockets.

•Printing of the shape of the gun against the clothing or actually seeing the gun when bending over, reaching overhead, or turning.

•Hearing the sound of something solid (the gun) striking a door frame, counter, shopping cart, etc.

If you do see someone carrying a concealed weapon do not approach them instead call 911 and let the authorities deal with the situation since they have the training, weapons and back up to deal with the situation more safely than you do.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Here is an interesting article from US Concealed Carry that was forwarded to me from a friend. Just click the link or copy & paste it to your browser if the link doesn't work.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


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