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Let me ask you a question if you were up against an attacker who had HIV/AIDS and had no way out of the situation but to fight and you had only two options one would be to punch your attacker and the other would be to bite him which of the two tactics would most likely transfer the virus over to you if you were to use it?

The answer is punching why because when you punch someone you are more likely to cut your fist in the process. When you bite someone you are less likely to cut your gum.

HIV/AIDS is transferred through the blood stream, when biting someone the virus is going directly into your saliva not into your blood stream.

Now some people seem to get an idea in there head that they will have options when dealing with a crazed individual who out weighs you by 50-100 lbs and that if all else falls then use biting as a last resort. People who think that they have options are people who have no real experience with violence (dojo and MMA sparring or matches don't count) Yes sometimes you have options a lot of times you don't it's about reacting to pure chaos and nothing else.

A lot of times you don't see those blows coming at your face when you have some crazed dude beating on you all you can do is feel the impact. Now tell me what your options are now. I have bitten countless people in my time and never have caught a disease. But don't take my word for it ask your doctor about AIDS/HIV transfer for this is were I have gotten this information from when creating my system (don't Google the info there's a lot of mixed up info on the subject which never as been proven)

Yes you can catch Hep C and other diseases but hell I will take my chances when someone is trying to kill me or a loved one. The thought of catching a disease will be the last think on my mind during these situations anyways. Personal protection is about doing what you have to do to survive and trust me when push comes to shove you will do anything even bite.


I love some of the comments disease phobic people give when the issue of biting arises when it comes to personal protection. Now if you haven't read my first post on this topic then I would recommend you do to get an idea of where I stand when it comes to biting. Now I stated yesterday in my post that AIDS/HIV is only transferred through the blood stream and when you bite your attackers blood is not going into your blood stream but your saliva instead. You are more like to come into contact with the virus if you were to punch someone.

Now this may freak out all the germ phobics out there but I must state this point. It's about coming into contact with the HEP C virus which is much easier to get infected with then it is to get infected by the HIV/AIDS virus. Now yes you can catch HEP C from biting but you can also catch HEP C from punching someone (shit there's goes that tactic), from grappling with someone who has 3 day old dry blood on them (sorry this is HEP D or E or the latter, there's a few of them forgot which one it is). Shit you can't even touch anyone anymore or your going to get sick. See my point regardless what you do you still can get exposed with these viruses so you might as well do the most effective tactic first to stop the S.O.B quickly before he takes you out.

So some may say ok I get the point but I would rather use my knife which I agree, but do you know how many people cut themselves when protecting themselves shit there's goes that tactic because you might come into contact with the virus there to (NOTE: that's if you can get to your blade because a lot of people are to busy messing around doing useless tactics in the 1st place, it's not like you have time to try a few things out, then get to your blade, better be able to draw that sucker fast if not what you going do?...shit I have seen people not be able to get it in time and get f""ked up with a big blade still hanging off there belt...the 1st thing you do better work on the street countering is tough). The simple point I am trying to make is you got to take out your attacker fast and biting is quick. As well a lot of tactics will not work but biting is one of the few that does and remember when crap hits the fan you usually can't even remember your name let alone some fine motor skill tactic so how the hell are you going to execute it.

I train guys full time (security/civilians) and some of the boys I train outweigh me by 150LBS. Now a lot of shit out there does not work but biting as never failed me while training when someone is trying to test me out or out on the street ( I am a former 160 LB bouncer). I have never caught a disease but don't take my word for it ask a medical professional such as a doctor about this issue, hell this is were I got the info from when I created the this system.

P.S. If you do bite someone get to a hospital within a 2 hour window you will be given a cocktail to counter the virus (not a guarantee to be virus free) but hell your going to have to do this anyway if blood is drawn in the fight regardless if you bite, punch, grapple or stab someone so why not do the most effect tactic first so momentum isn't on your attacker's side because once it is it's hard to get it back.


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