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Reality Check: Knife vs Gun Who Will Be Able To Attack First?

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Escape & Evasion Equipment

There are some great new universal hand cuff keys on the market today in case you are every abducted and handcuffed (they are not for escaping from law enforcement) and need to escape. Make sure when storing/stashing any type of universal hand cuff key they can be easy accessed when your hands are behind your back.

Does & Don’ts for storing/stashing keys are:
·         On the leather label tag of your jeans, stitch one side of it so you make an instant pocket to hold your key. This is an ideal spot to hold your key because your hands can get to it easily in the rear hand cuffed position.
·         Stashed on a bracelet or watch area
·         Avoid areas such as on necklaces; shirt pockets or hanging off shirt buttons or front pockets of pants for it will be next to impossible to obtain your key when your hands are cuffed behind your back.

Here are some great universal handcuff keys on the market and there links.

 Shomer Tec Undercover Bracelet Key BK (black/red/b

Shomer Tec Coin Handcuff Key

Plastic Universal Handcuff Key

Till the next time.

There's no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm Bettencourt

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Use This Gizmo To Catch "Pervs & Freaks"...

In order to prepare for any disaster, crisis, or attack, you   
must think in "layers" of survival gear.

Of course you know you need a bug-out bag if you're forced   
to evacuate.

     (Click here for the ultimate bug-out bag list...   

But another area that a lot of people don't think of is your   
"every day carry" gear (or EDC).

That's because you never know when disaster is going to   
strike and your EDC may be the only gear you have available   
to save your life when there's no warning and you can't get   
to your home or car for your other gear.

But your EDC really ISN'T just about disasters and attacks.

Many of these items have every-day uses that can protect you   
as well.

For example...

One of the hidden threats few people even know about is that   
of the "predatory voyeur" while you're traveling away from   

You see, some hotel owners (or employees) have found clever   
ways to hide small cameras in hotel rooms in order to   
videotape you and your spouse changing clothes or even   
"getting down to business" if the mood strikes you.

It happens more than you think and there are websites out   
there that will pay these freaks for their illegal amateur   
clips (or they just keep them for personal viewing).

With technology being what it is, these camera lenses are   
super small... affordable by anyone... and can be hidden   
practically anywhere while sending a remote signal to a   
recorder in another room.

The options are endless and you'll never even know you're   
being spied on and video taped!

But for the prepared survivalist who's aware of this common   
threat, a simple mini-LED flashlight can catch these   
predators in the act and not only protect your privacy...   
but bring them to justice.

Here's what to do every time you travel...

  *  Once you get settled into your room (it could be a   
     hotel, B&B, or even a friend's house believe it or   
     not!), sit on the bed and pull out your mini-LED   

  *  Place the light right at the corner of your eye,   
     shining away from you so it's facing in the same   
     direction as your sight path.

  *  Now, look around the room at different objects where a   
     camera could be hidden, like at...

          Alarm clock   
          Fire alarm (on wall or ceiling)   
          Picture frames   
          Even stuffed animals like "nanny-cam" teddy bears

     You really have to think "sneaky" and where someone   
     might hide a camera (and be sure to check the bathroom   
     as well)

  *  What you're looking for is a flash reflection of your   
     light off of any camera's lens.

     It will be fast and sharp (sort of like a camera flash)   
     and you'll notice it instantly.

  *  Once you see that flash, inspect that area very closely   
     and you may find a tiny camera lens.


Don't let these pervs get away with it!

If you find a hidden cam in your room, contact the police   
right away and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Norm Bettencourt

P.S. - How many "every day carry" survival items do you have   
on you right now?

This week, you can pick up the ultimate EDC list and the   
ultimate bug-out list in a special "2-for-1" deal at this   


This will truly cover you for an "instant disaster" as well   
as a longer-term survival scenario when you and your family   
need to hightail it to a secondary safe-zone with your   
bug-out gear.

Check it out and take advantage of the savings, ok?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WHOA!! Check Out These New "Bug Out Bag" Preps

Got a special treat for you today!

Every survivalist is proud of his/her "bug out bag", right?

Well a friend of mine, Jeff, is beyond serious and is constantly   
updating his go-bag and testing out new equipment.

(He's a 10-year combat vet from the 10th Mountain Division and   
193rd so he knows what the hell he's talking about.)

Anyway, his "extreme bug-out bag" book was a huge best-seller   
last year and now he's just updated it with 11 more items that   
are a must-have.


Now you'd think that adding 11 new items to your bug-out bag   
would make it too heavy and bulky, right?

Not the way Jeff plans out his go-bag.

You see, since roads are likely to be in full gridlock from the   
masses of "unprepared" clogging up highways... breaking down...   
running out of gas... it's quite possible you may be forced to   
walk to your next destination.

And any time you're forced to evacuate to a secondary safety   
retreat, your goal is to get there as quickly as possible and in   
the best shape you can be in to survive the crisis.

If your bag is loaded up with a bunch of heavy, worthless junk,   
you're in serious trouble - if you get to your destination at   

That's why you've gotta see these 52 little-known bug out   


Some of them are pretty weird... but ALL of them will prove   
useful in even the most extreme bug-out conditions and each item   
comes with a full explanation of what makes it so critical.

You'll discover secrets like...

  *  A sneaky "weapon" that looks like a toy, but is actually a   
     mini-shotgun in disguise! (It's so small, you can even hide   
     it in your pocket!)

  *  A simple way to safeguard your feet for long hikes (even   
     through swamps and streams!) without adding a bunch of   
     worthless weight to your go-bag.

  *  A secret from SERE School (Survival, Evasion, Resistance,   
     Escape) to help you keep your sense of freedom and liberty   
     alive and well - no matter how tough things get!

  *  A 6" tube that can literally mean the difference of   
     traveling 12-15 miles per day... to 120-150!  (If you follow   
     Jeff's scavenging tips.)

  *  A hidden threat most people don't even realize exists   
     immediately after a disaster... and the nasty weapon that   
     could protect you and your loved ones if you're ever   

There's a whole lot more bug-out secrets where those came from,   
so be sure to go and check out this brand new bug-out bag book   
now here...


No matter how "experienced" you are,  you're gonna find some   
amazing new additions you're gonna want to pick up!

Norm Bettencourt


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