Monday, January 30, 2006


The recent launch of TACT Self Defense Online Training area allows TACT website visitors quick & easy access to self defense training online is now in it's second part of developement. The creation of an ebook, which completion should be within the next few weeks . TACT Self Defense wants to give easy access to self defense training focusing on the digital medium. "The internet is were people want quick answers to there questions, & they will get that from our site, simply click & you have your answers in seconds" stated TACT Self Defense founder Norm Bettencourt. The official date of the ebook release will be posted in our blog.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Toronto probation & police officers are working together by performing random checks with youth's on probation. Due to the increase in gun crime & the Boxing Day street shooting which killed an innocent teenage girl, the shooting believed to be due to two rival teenage gangs bumping into each other in the street. Police & probation officers are trying to get better control with youth's on probation to follow there terms of probation & to arrest them if terms are broken. Authourities are finding the program so for successful. Single mother's with youth's on probation are finding it also successful regarding having better control of there children's curfew.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


TACT Self Defense would like to welcome our newest certified instructor to the TACT team David Toner. David Toner will be hosting seminars with TACT Self Defense creator Norm Bettencourt, & also teaching private lessons on his own in the Vancouver BC, Canada area. Contact information for seminars/training is

Thursday, January 19, 2006


TACT Self Defense is proud to announce a new certified instructor to TACT Self Defense, Dustin Crocker. You can read his biography at in the near future. Dustin will be in charge of training/seminars in the Ontario, Canada area. You can reach him at for information on TACT Self Defense training in the Ontario area.

Monday, January 16, 2006


A recent study proves that increasing prison sentences has a direct effect on crime rates. The higher the prison sentence the less likely the crime will be committed. An example was taken for armed robberies in British Columbia. An indivdual found guilty of armed robbery would serve half the time in prison than an indivdual who committed the same exact crime next door in the province of Alberta. British Columbia's armed robbery stats are nearly double to those of Alberta's. Law enforcement professionals believe that the courts are to blame for the increase of certain crimes, being to soft on criminals & are pushing for tougher sentencing.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


If TACT Self Defense News Letter Subscribers are finding that there newsletters are not coming through to there emails accounts you can go to to resubmit your name & email address to receive our free self defense bi-weekly newsletter. You can also email us at to resubmit your name & address.We are currently still working out some of the bugs in our new hosting system & everything should be back to normal in the next few weeks. We also have found some problems with links in our newsletters not being clickable & are working towards correcting the problem. Thanks to all our newsletter subscribers for there patience.

Monday, January 09, 2006


It has been a busy couple of weeks for TACT Self Defense preparing for our online self defense training website launch. Through all the hard work of everyone involved our online training site is complete, two weeks ahead of schedule. We are looking forward in supplying the most effective yet realistic self defense training on the web for all it's members. Membership fees are $39.95 for one full year with unlimited 24 / 7 access to our online self defense training site. Updated with the most current information on self defense it can't get any easier to learn how to protect yourself. All the information you need is now at your finger tips in the convience of your home.

Friday, January 06, 2006


TACT Self Defense would like to thank all it's members for being patient with our switch with hosting providers on Jan 02, 2006. Our site was down for 9 hours & uploaded without any problems. We would like to ask everyone to bare with us once again with our newsletters & such. We are working out all the bugs and getting to know how to work the system, so there could be some errors along the way, sorry. Thank you for your patience & we look forward to meeting your needs in 2006.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


It is a known fact that if you fight back you are less likely to become a victim of crime & violence. Let alone keeping your self esteem due to the fact you put up a fight. That is exactly what a woman in Seattle did. A man decided to carjack this woman but instead of her being passive she got aggressive due to the fact that her child was in a car seat in the back. The woman fought back & the attacker decided to go else where to find an easier victim. It just goes to show that if the mission at hand is important enough you will find a way to overcome your attacker no matter what the odds are.


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