Sunday, October 26, 2008


I truly believe that you are only half as good as when you train when it comes to executing your self defense tactics in real life scenarios. So this post will help security and law enforcement personnel get more realism and effectiveness out of there training. When you practice restraint holds or handcuffing techniques have the subject place message oil on there entire arm, this way when you try executing an arm bar or try grabbing the subjects wrist when trying to cuff him it will simulate the slipperiness that sweat can cause when trying to subdue and control someone. As well you will find that when you do execute these techniques for real they will seem easier to perform because of this training method that you have incorporated.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Today's post I would like to discuss the issue of street fighting videos posted on such sites as You Tube and others. I would like to state that these are by no means "real" street fighting videos. Just because two guys fight in front of a camera on the street doesn't meant its a street fight. These so called street fighter's are people who prearrange a fight to take place at a certain location and rules are set on what can be done and what can't during the fight. Far from anything like a "real" street fight.

If you want to take a look at a "real" street fight, watch footage from security camera's outside of bars or in other locations. You will see that it's not only fists that come out in the fight but also weapons and 5 on 1 situations happen as well. So if you want to learn from video footage on how to be a better realistic fighter stop watching these fake street fights being filmed in some parking lot for in real street fights there are no rules only dirty moves, sucker punches, low blows cuz anything goes for if I can't take out my blade or any other weapon to stop you then it's not a real fight.


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