Monday, May 29, 2006


This article was sent to me by a friend of mine. It comes from the Coaching Compass Newsletter I thought you guys would enjoy reading it also.

A young man fell asleep during math class. He woke up as the bell rang, looked at the black board and copied down the two problems that were there. He assumed they were the homework for the night. He went home and laboured the rest of the afternoon and into the evening knowing if he didn't complete the work he would fail the class.

He couldn't figure out either one but kept trying for the rest of the week. Finally he got the answer to one and brought it to class. The teacher was absolutely stunned. The young man feared he did too little, too late. It turned out the problem he solved was supposedly unsolvable.

How did he do it? He was able to do what was thought to be impossible because he believed it was possible. He not only believed it was possible he believed that if he didn't solve it he would fail the class. Had he known the problem was unsolvable he would of never done it.

Beliefs are the commanders of our brain. When we believe something is true we literally go into the state of it's being true. Handled effectively beliefs can be the most powerful forces for creating good in our lives.

Beliefs control our destiny. The belief we have in ourselves...The beliefs we have in others...The beliefs others have in us. The birth of excellence begins with the awareness that our beliefs are our choice.

Beliefs are the compass and map that guide us to our goals. Believe you can do something or believe you can't and you'll be right every time.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Today's post is regarding the importance of leverage. By using leverage in a physical self defense situation you make it easier for yourself to control your attackers body. One example of this is off balancing your attacker by placing your feet on his hips, if he is trying to mount you while you're on your back.

Leverage is also important when it comes to mental and spiritual self defense. Leverage equals speed, the more leverage you have the faster and easier it is to obtain your goal. An example of this is say you want to start your own business but you don't know where to start, how would you go about making this a reality. By going to people who have started there own successful businesses. Asking them questions on how they become successful and using them as mentors.

By using there knowledge you learn what to do and what not to do to reach your goal successfully and at a quicker speed. Here are some other forms of leverage that you can use to obtain your goals.


By using these levers above they will give you maximum leverage in your physical. mental and spiritual life at a quicker and easier rate.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Every night my wife and I watch the 11pm news in bed. I don't know how much of a good idea for me it is to do this, I tend to get pissed off with the injustice that occurs on a daily basis. So much for a good nights sleep. When I refer to injustice I am not only referring to the crimes that people commit but the injustice the courts and the government do to us. Lately the courts have been pussies with sentencing murderers. An example of this...19 year old man stabbed and killed a 16 year old standing at a bus stop waiting for his bus...the kid managed to make it home but died on his front steps were his family found him. The sentence 9 years... kid had a bad childhood, what the hell is that. The courts can't figure out why crime is on the rise...are they that freaking dumb. It is up to us to make sentencing tougher, we have to put pressure on the courts and the government to get there act together. We vote these people in and if there too stupid to do there job get the hell out & give the job to someone you knows how to do it. Let's stop giving away so much power to our governments and start taking it back.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Today I thought of giving you some self defense for your mind & spirit.

As Napoleon Hill writes in Think & Grow Rich

"Our brains become magnetized with the dominating thoughts which we hold in our minds and by means with which no man is familiar, these "magnets" attracts to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts"

Our body is a field of electromagnetic activity, each of your atoms generates magnetic are a magnet. What you think is what you attract onto yourself... you send off a single or vibe. You get what you give. You have a choice of attracting negetive or positive elements into your life.


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