Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hi everybody today's post I would like to discuss fashion. Now a lot of you are thinking what the hell does fashion have to do with street fighting well to tell you the truth a lot and I will tell you why.

In today's society a lot of guys like wearing hoodies with the hood over there heads now think about how this can be a down fall for that person when it comes to self defense/street fighting. First your vision is limited because the hood is blocking part of your view effecting your situational awareness. The next problem with wearing a hood is that all your attacker has to do is pull on it while he is pounding on you and he will have an easier time controlling you.

This goes with other clothing items such as baggy jeans which can trip you up and effect your kicking speed and skills when your in a fight. Untied shoes which will effect your balance and foot work when it comes to your personal protection tactics from being successful. So next time you get dressed think if what your wearing will help you or hinder you in a fight.

Stay Safe


Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hi everyone in today's post I would like to go over doing two things at once when your blocking to not only block your attackers blow but to also hurt him at the same time so you "defang" or "disarm" your attacker taking away his weapons. How do you go about doing this? Well lets use an example of how I block a punch I like using a tactic that I call the "elbow block" all I do is block my attacker's punch by bringing up both my elbows together so that they protect my face and torso so when my attacker makes contact with me with his fist he strikes my elbows which in turn damages his fingers and knuckles.

This in turn takes away one of his weapons so now he only has one hand to punch with and his momentum as stopped suddenly and now I can put the momentum on my side. Another tactic you can use to kill two birds with one stone when your blocking is using the "hammer fist block" this will hurt your attackers forearms when you block his punches using the hammer fists. So make sure when you perform a tactic that you not only block but strike at the same time so you make life a little easier for yourself when it comes to your self defense.

Stay Safe



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