Monday, August 28, 2006


In a self defense situation you have to have a clear definition of why you are protecting yourself. This allows you to be totally committed and fearless in your attack and gives you courage to stand up for yourself in an intimidating situation. Answering the question why gives you the purpose, passion and power to defeat your attacker. The same holds true for any goal you set in life such as a weight loss goal, business goals or educational goals. Reminding yourself why you are doing this and seeing ahead in the future of what life can be like when you achieve your goal, can give you that extra boost of encouragement when times get tough. Reminding ourselves why gives us clear vision and focus to succeed at anything we set our minds to.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Here is a quote from a reader of the Vancouver 24 Hours Newspaper under the column "What's On Your Mind?". Thought it was funny yet scary at the same time due to the issue of how far suicide bombers will go to harming others.

Quote: "Now if no liquids are allowed on flights, what about breast implants? Better still, how would they enforce that restriction? Keene Alexander via email

Monday, August 14, 2006


Here is a tip to find out if the person your intimately with is the person they say they are or a con man or woman. If you have any doubt that something is up with your girl/boy friend because they are pressuring you into marriage listen to those gut feelings. The biggest myth about con men or women is that they only go after very wealthy people, the myth is incorrect. They go after anyone that has something to offer. Many people dont even realize that they are being conned to till it's to late. Here are some tips that you can go by to see if your partner is who he says he is.

1. Google them...Type in there name and information about them will come up. People have found out that they're partners were married once, twice or even more.

2. Are they putting pressure on you to get married even though its only a couple of months since you have known them.

3. They give you vague answers to personal questions you have about them.

4. Test boundries with money such as "Hey can I borrow some cash I will pay you back Im getting an inhertance in a few months"

By simply following these tips you can save yourself from financial & emotional heartbreak.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Here is a tip for a mugging situation that you can use to get out of the situation safe and sound. First I want to address the issue of how money can be easily replaced, but your life can't be. So if you are ever in a mugging situation it's better to give up the wallet than to fight for your life to hang on to it. Your life is worth more than money. Here is the tip. If an armed mugger demands your wallet get it out of your pocket and throw it away from you and the mugger at a slight distance. The mugger is interested more in your cash than anything else so he will move away from you and retrieve the wallet. This will get you out of the kill zone and give you time to run off. If you got balls and want to follow through with a self defense technique after throwing your wallet to the ground this will give you time to execute an unexpected self defense tactic because the mugger is focused on the wallet not on you.


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