Saturday, February 14, 2015

What's A Great Alternative To Para Cord?

Want to know a great alternative to paracord?

Believe it or not it’s dental floss.

It’s cheap, light weight, compact and pretty durable and you can use it for a number of purposes.

So store some in your urban survival go bag the next time you go see your dentist.

For it can come in handy in a survival situation such as tying a tarp down, constructing shelter or hell what it was intended for taking care of those pearly whites.

Realistic Self Defense Through Research

Norm Bettencourt

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Urban Escape & Evasion When Kidnapped

Hi everyone

In today’s post I would like to discuss escape tactics when it comes to being handcuffed in a kidnapping situation, this is not for escaping from handcuffs when the police arrest you.

Now in today’s market there are countless covert universal handcuffs keys. The problem with them is that people do not think of where to strategically place them on their persons so they can get to them when their hands are cuffed behind there back.

People will place them on chains around their neck which is next to impossible to get to. Some people will place them inside the bottom of the leg hem. Depending on how you are restrained this may or may not work.

This best and most convenient area I have found to place a covert universal handcuff key is where your belt would be by your lower back. Regardless if both your hands are handcuffed to the rear you can obtain your key regardless if you’re seated in a chair, sitting on your butt on the ground or laying down you will still be able to obtain your universal handcuff key.

If you key is on a neck chain you won’t, or if located in a pocket, hanging from a shirt button or on a lower part on the hem on your pant leg, you will be having a very tough time getting to it.

So here are the not so good and good covert universal handcuff key products on the market today.

Not so good because it's to hard to get to...

Good as long as there are situated at your back near the belt line

Good if your jewelry isn't removed

You be the judge and test them out. Remember if you can’t get to your gear it’s useless.

Realistic Self Defense Through Research

Norm Bettencourt


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