Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hi everyone,

If you have taken my TACT System you realize that I avoid teaching people how to punch due to the fact that it takes years of training to become proficient at it. When you witness people punching in a street fight they usually throw ‘feather punches”. These are punches that have no power behind them because there is no hip rotation when the punch is thrown so no weight is behind it.

So instead I focus on teaching people palm strikes or hammer fists. So in today’s post I would like to show you an exercise that will help increase the power of your hammer fists with a conditioning technique which I found is extremely effective. If you have a wooden beam which stands horizontally in your basement hammer a nail into it so the tip is firmly inside the beam. Get a thick piece of wood that you can comfortably hold with one hand and place it on top of the head of the nail. With your free hand make a hammer fist and begin hammering the piece of wood that is on top of the nail.

Your goal is to be able to eventually be able to hammer the nail flat into the beam using only the power of the hammer fist strikes. A key tip when it comes to striking is this. When it comes to striking most people will strike their target then remove their body part that they hit with quickly away from the target. This does not allow the force of your blow to do maximum damage. Let the body part that you hit with remain on your target for a slight second after impact. By following this technique you will find your blows much more powerful.

Till the next time remember there’s no such thing as a dirty fighter…only an educated one.

Norm “The Cannibal” Bettencourt

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hi everyone,

In today’s post I would like to share with you some of my favorite combat quotes. I would also like to invite all members to share and post their favorite combat quotes as well.

“K.I.S.S Keep It Simple & Similar”

“Just Because You’ve Trained For A Situation Doesn’t Mean
You’re Prepared For It”

“Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”
“In The Real World You Are Only Half As Good As How You Train,
So Make Your Training As Realistic As Possible”

“Don’t Go To A Gun Fight With A Knife, You’re Going To Get Killed”

“Don’t Fight To Teach Someone A Lesson Or You Might Get Taught A Lesson Yourself”

“Two Eyes For An Eye Mentality”

“He Who Elevates The Violence Quicker Wins”

“Ruthless Determination Will Overshadow Technique or Choice Of Weapon Every Time & Will Get You Up Off The Ground After You Have Been Beaten, Stabbed or Shot”

Don Pentecost

“It’s Not The Size Of The Man In The Fight But The Size Of the Fight In The Man”

“I Rather Be Judged By Twelve Than Carried By Six”
“There’s No Such Thing As A Dirty Fighter, Only An Educated One”
“He Who Draws & Uses His Weapon First Wins”

“Go With The Flow Of The Blow”

“It’s Better To Die On Your Feet Then To Live On Your Knees”

“The Little Black Book of Violence”

A lot of these quotes are included inside my book Instinctive Combat Self Defense (formerly known as Secrets of Street Fighting). I also go further into discussing why these quotes and other’s are important for your mindset when it comes to surviving violence. Remember your most powerful weapon is your mind.

As you have noticed I have changed the title and cover of the book Secrets of Street Fighting. We have also added some new exciting material to the book as well. We are currently selling it in E Book format. As a special promotion I have decided that all members of the Secrets of Street Fighting Reader’s Group and TACT Tips Newsletter Subscriber’s should get a 50% discount when purchasing the book. So instead of paying $37.00 you get it for only $18.50 USD.

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Those pages will give you all the details on the products you are ordering. To order go directly to www.paypal.com and make the payment to tactselfdefense@yahoo.ca when you leave a comment just state that you are a member of the Secrets of Street Fighting Reader’s Group or a TACT Tips Newsletter Subscriber and you are purchasing your E Book or DVD/E Book Package at 50% off.

P.S This offer is time sensitive and will only be valid until September 19, 2010 at midnight (pacific).

Till the next time I will leave you with my favorite quote.

There’s no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm “The Cannibal” Bettencourt


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