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I love the quote stating “I rather be judged by twelve than be carried by six”. I myself agree with this quote completely and rather face a judge and jury of twelve and deal with the legal consequences of using deadly force then holding back on my attack and getting killed and have six of my closest friends carry my casket because I was afraid of the legal consequences of my actions if I ended up killing some scum bag trying to harm me or my loved ones.

This goes with what I like to talk about in today’s post. I would like to discuss how to soften things up when it comes to your true intentions with your weapon that you choose to use for self defense purposes in case you go to court for using it. Now regardless if you are in the right or wrong to use your self defense weapon which is the jury’s job to decide it is your lawyer’s responsibility to prove that you were in the right regardless of the circumstances of the situation.

So here are some suggestions that may help your case and make yourself look a little bit softer and innocent in the eyes of the jury regarding your intentions and purposes for using and having your self defense weapon. Now before I begin I would like to mention that I have made a post in the past that goes along with this regarding what to say to law enforcement after you have used force to protect yourself. I suggest you check it out if you haven’t done so already. The post is entitled “What to Say to Law Enforcement after Using Violence”.

Bottom line the post states if you’re asked questions posed by law enforcement after you have used violence to protect yourself state that “I feared for my safety and life and that is why I took the actions that I did”. You then ask for your attorney and state that you will say nothing else until your attorney is present to instruct you.

Now here are some things you can do to make your intentions seem a little softer and innocent when it comes to your intentions on using & carrying weapons for self defense purposes.

If you use a baseball bat as a self defense weapon regardless where it’s stored (car/home) make sure to also have a ball and glove placed next to it so it looks like your intentions for having such an item around is for sport related purposes. By just having a bat lying around can be seen as having bad intentions. This goes with other items such as chains, crow bar, tire iron etc make sure they are stored next to items that relate to them such as tools.

If you carry a knife on your persons instead of carrying a big survival knife which makes you look like a paranoid nut bag carry a smaller utility knife or even a pink knife so it looks like you intentions for carrying such an item is innocent and for work related purposes only. Remember it not the size of the knife that matters but knowing how to use it that counts. Try to also comply with blade length regulation laws in your area.

In many states and provinces carrying pepper spray is illegal. Instead carry perfume or men’s spray such as “Axe” in your purse or man purse bag. Spraying such products into someone’s eyes will burn and impair the person’s vision. You can also place near your doorways at home wasp/hornet spray which can shoot up to 20 feet in distance and will stop an S.O.B from entering your home. Be aware that this stuff can be lethal but once again I will take my chances if it protects my loved ones and me. Air fresheners can be placed around the home as well to use as an improvised pepper spray.

Here is a trick that I teach escorts that will work with females who are having a date in there home. Place a pot of water on your stove and boil the water moments before your date is coming over. Keep the water hot by leaving it on the element. If crap hits the fan pick up the pot and throw the water onto your attacker. This can also be done with any drink in a night club to impair someone’s vision so you can follow through with a more devastating tactic. When walking on the street and your holding a hot cup of coffee or beverage throw it into you enemies face then run or follow through to finish him off.

So all of these items that I have suggested their primary purpose is either for sporting purposes or are basic household items or items designed for your personal enjoyment. They were conveniently around at the time when you were being attacked and due to you fearing for your safety and life were the reason why you picked up these items and used them as a weapon to protect your family and yourself with. Hopefully this will help you look a little softer and innocent in the eyes of a judge and jury if you ever have to use force to protect yourself and hopefully will help the jury buy into your story.

So take a look at what you have around as weapons and see how you can make them blend in into your daily life so they seem innocent in nature to have around.

Till the next time remember there is no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm Bettencourt


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