Saturday, November 22, 2008


Lets say you are walking down the street with your spouse and all of a sudden you are held up at gun point by someone. Now you want to avoid violence at all costs but lets say you can't and you have to fight. You now have an issue to think about and that is the safety of of your spouse that is next to you. You normally can execute your gun disarming tactic but this time since you are with someone you could put your partner in danger because when you execute your self defense tactic the gun will go off and could possibly harm your partner. So how do you work around this?

By having a code word that you and your spouse know that tells your spouse to drop to the ground. So lets say the code word is "Don't harm us we have kids" that tells your spouse that to drop to the ground because you are either going to pull your firearm out or execute a self defense technique. This also works for 2 or more man security teams where one person is the "talker" and when he says the words "We don't seem to be getting anywhere" tells the rest of the team to move in and get physical. Remember have a mild "safe word" do not use words such as "Now" or "Go" for this will make the attacker ready for your actions and will take the element of surprise away from you.


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